Yay for it being the weekend πŸ™‚ I don’t have to be back at work until Sunday afternoon… lovely.

I just want to say “hi” to anyone who happened upon my blog because they were looking for information/stuff about Michael C. Hall. I’m guessing this recent spike in blog visits is due to the fact that Michael C. Hall was a guest on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon the other night and a lot of people probably found out for the first time that Michael C. Hall used to be in musicals on the Great White Way. Awesome, right? He should totally do a musical again.

Here’s a link to the clip of Michael C. Hall singing “Santa Claus Is Coming To Town” on Jimmy… priceless πŸ™‚


He should totally be in a movie musical… or back on Broadway, that’d be totally awesome.

Here’s a clip of him singin’ and dancin’ in Gamer (Embedding was disabled on youtube, sorry…)

I was up early again for work today… was supposed to work from 8:45-2:30 but ended up doing 8:35-after 3. I was swamped all day long and didn’t get to take any sort of break as we were short staffed, as per usual King Friday.

So, finally I escaped and walked to my car as fast as I could, chugging down an entire bottle of water on the way (the heat and dry air in our department just sucks all the life out of you, bah). I got home, hugged my mom, hugged my dogs, got into my pajamas and ate and orange and some popcorn (snack of champions) while watching some Parks and Rec.

My mom and I did our Wii Sports Fitness ages (I was 20 – woot) and then I fell asleep on the recliner in the living room, with Moose asleep in my lap.

I woke up when my dad got home and we all had pizza and watched an episode of HIMYM. Then it was Bones o’clock. (SPOILERS) Oh, Brennan… *finally* realizing that she is in love with Booth and admitting to her regret to Booth that she turned him down last season (that scene still makes me sad. Not crying-sad, but it makes my heart hurt a little bit). And you can totally tell that if he wasn’t with Hannah, he’d be with Bones. But he “loves” Hannah. I put that in air quotes because I do not like Hannah. And I have a sneaking suspicion she won’t last past this season. She just can’t. That woman who plays her cannot act. And when this show ends, whenever that is, Booth and Bones need to be together. For reals. (END SPOILERS/MY OPINIONS @ BONES).

After the show, we watched the last couple scenes from Jingle All the Way (my parents were watching it the other day and hadn’t finished it). At 8:30, I called it quits and went to my room. I’ll finish typing this, visit some blogs that I try to read on a daily basis, and then maybe watch last week’s episode of The Office. But I am bonkers tired, so we’ll see how far I can make it.

No work tomorrow! But I do have to drive my dad to his eye appointment. But that’s fine… not a problem.

Have a swell one πŸ™‚

So, once again I didn’t really work on anything related to my thesis proposal today. I did start reading a book that I got in the mail this week about early women filmmakers… so does that *maybe* count for doing any thesis proposal work? Probably not… Ergo, I = epic fail.

I think I am just scared of actually typing out anything involving my research for my thesis proposal because I’m afraid that my research isn’t good enough or thorough enough. Which, I’m sure is a completely ridiculous thought that I should not be having… but I am not uber confident in my paper writing skills (types the girl who just made it through an entire year of graduate journalism school where she wrote lots of little big papers). Writing is not my forte. I can write about movies, and I can write this blog, but the big scholarly papers are daunting. Though my vocabulary is pretty good, my paper is not going to be chock-full-of those big, academic-y, words that just confuse the bajesus out of readers. I am not going to write something that I wouldn’t understand, you know?

BLAH. My goal is to have this ridonkulous thesis proposal written by the end of August to defend in September. My brother is going to be in town all of next week, so I likely won’t make much headway on the paper… but I seem to do all right under pressure. So perhaps creating my own deadline and making my own time crunch will help me in the end. At the end of spring quarter I wrote 19 pages of my 20 page Ethics papers over a holiday weekend… perhaps I can do the same for my thesis proposal. Plus, my outline is details, my notes are pretty good, and I’m actually super interested in my thesis proposal topic whereas I was only “meh” interested in my Ethics paper topic…

What else, what else?

I rewatched Dr. Horrible’s Sing-A-Long Blog today – I love NPH πŸ™‚

I played Yahtzee with my mom, and then later with both my mom and dad… I’m awesome at this game. Probably not something that’ll help me on my resume, but it’s a decent skill to have, at least in my family.

My mom and I also played 5 games of Ping-Pong… and she won every single game. However, my learning curve is like / and not \, so eventually I think I will be better than her. Plus, I can also play equally well with my left hand as I can with my right, so that’s an advantage.

Instead of thesis proposal stuff, I watched last night’s episode of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon because Billy Crudup was on (and I looooooooooooooove Billy Crudup – he’s one of my favorite American actors). Billy Crudup was in the first Broadway play I ever saw (The Pillowman) and I will remember that show forever. Even when I reread the play, I can hear the actors voices in my head and my eyes well up with tears during certain parts. It’s such a powerful show… I hope they *never* make it into a movie.

This evening we watched Tropic Thunder because my parents had never seen it before. As much as I am not a fan of Ben Stiller or Tom Cruise, I still like this movie thanks to Robert Downey Jr. He’s soooooo good as Kirk Lazarus πŸ™‚ He’s also good in the Cobra vs Panthers SNL sketch that I’d like to see put up on the NBC/SNL website

I also started rewatching Waiting for Guffman. I love Christopher Guest’s movies – Guffman is my second favorite, after A Mighty Wind. (*Note – how friggin’ adorable/awesome is John Michael Higgins in this movie?!)

Right now I’m waiting for the James Franco SNL rerun to start (20 more minutes…). I love James Franco – he was solid both times he hosted SNL. He’s great in dramas (Milk), but I loved him in Pineapple Express!

We also have a Tornado Watch until 1:00 AM. Those who know me best know that I am super afraid of tornados even though I have never been in one. But I have nightmares about them all the time 😦 Here’s hoping we don’t get one!

Some SNL and then sleep… I’m gonna take part in some clean-up effort in my dad’s Park tomorrow, so I needs my sleep!

(*NOTE* I will link out to stuff tomorrow… no time right now to find the kind of clips I like to share πŸ™‚ )

Well, I had full intention of doing more thesis proposal stuff than I actually did today…

I went to bed extra late last night so I ended up sleeping in way later than I usually do – yikes. So, I went upstairs, apologized for sleeping in, had breakfast and played some Yahtzee with my mom.

Then I did good and printed out all 43 pages of my thesis proposal notes. After I printed the first 10 pages, I realized I hadn’t numbered the pages of my notes, so i had to insert those. Whoops! (I numbered each source – all 50some of them, but just not the actual pages of notes…) I then went downstairs with a plan – write a detailed outline of my Introduction, Literature Review and Methodology and then color-code my notes to coincide with my color-coded outline.

Well… some of that kinda happened.

First I checked emails, Facebook and caught up on my pop culture news and some videos from this week’s guests on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Then I totally did a detailed outline, but I didn’t color-code anything yet because by time I was done with the outline (which is 2 pages, front and back… so really 4 pages) it was lunch time with my mom.

Mom read during lunch so I started watching Little Shop of Horrors. I know a few of the songs, but had never seen the musical. It’s epically funny watching Rick Moranis sing. I only watched 33 minutes or so… I just finished Steve Martin’s song. I hate dentists, so for me, his scene was worse than anything I have watched on Dexter thus far.

Does anyone but me remember when Adam Pascal and Mandy Moore sang “Suddenly Seymour” on some Bravo! Broadway special many, many years ago? I used to listen to that on repeat… Patrick Wilson and Carrie Underwood do an awesome version as well πŸ™‚

After I turned off the movie, I played a couple more rounds of Yahtzee with mom. Then, I went back downstairs… and instead of working on thesis proposal stuff, I decided to transfer my DVDs I have had in a broken binder back into their cases. In order to do this, I needed to go under the main stairs (picture the 7 1/2 floor from Being John Malkovich) and find out which box labeled “Katie’s Room” had all of my DVD cases. After awhile I found it, but then it took me awhile to shift around other boxes and drag it out from under the steps.

I then went to my room, put on a CD and got to work.

I have hundreds of DVDs, and about half of them were in this broken binder I’ve had since undergrad. So, it took awhile to put each DVD back into its case and then I separated out all the cases into the year the movie was released (I’m a bit OCD…). I had stacks and stacks of DVDs everywhere.

See, my goal is to one day have an entire wall that is lined with DVDs (like Cameron Diaz’s character in The Holiday). So, since I can’t have a whole wall yet, I decided I would put as many DVDs as I could onto 1 1/2 shelves of my bookshelf that I am currently using as a clothes shelf.

But, in addition to these hundreds of DVDs from my broken binder, I had another hundred and fifty or so in four boxes that were already in their cases. Plus a bunch of seasons of TV on DVD… What can I say, I love media!

I moved my stacks of previously bindered DVDs in front of the bookcase and then began adding the boxed DVDs to the piles. While I had DVDs representing each decade from the 1930s-present, a bulk of the DVDs were from the past 10 years. The two most popular years in my collection seem to be 2004 and 2006. And you can tell I haven’t bought any newer DVDs in awhile because I only have 2 from 2009 – (500) Days of Summer and Star Trek (which was a gift…) and I have no movies from 2010. Hmmm.

My mom knocked on my door while I was in the midst of separating out the DVDs and said “Oh, I thought you would be hard at work.” I felt a little bad that I didn’t work more on my paper, but my disorganized movies had been bothering me for awhile now… and they look so nice on the shelves and in their boxes all organized!

We took a drink/Yahtzee break and played with the dogs outside for a bit. Then I went back to finishing up my organization (I have about 180 movies on a long shelf, and then most of my box sets, TV on DVD and films series taking up 1/2 of another shelf… then everything else is boxed in order). After that, I went back outside to find my mom – she was reading on a chair out front.

I offered to feed the dogs and let them out again. Both dogs wolfed down their dinner and then I took them outside. We got Moose a new can of tennis balls yesterday, so I after I let them out, I played catch with Moose in the front yard. We played for a long time and her tennis ball got so slobbery that it was leaving wet marks all over the sidewalk. I tuckered her out pretty good – she’s funny when she’s tired πŸ™‚

My dad got home soon after so we all had pizza and watched Shutter Island. On a whole I’m not a Scorsese fan (though I LOVE The Departed and I really liked Goodfellas), and I didn’t like this much either. But I do like Mark Ruffalo and Leonardo DiCaprio. DiCaprio’s eyes are his best acting asset – they are very expressive.

I’ll try and do better tomorrow and work on school stuff – for reals!

Have a good one πŸ™‚

My mom caught the black lung from my sister…

Okay, so it’s not really the black lung, but my sister had this epically horrible cough before/throughout their entire road trip and now my mom is coughing something awful. We call it the black lung though that is false. But still, I feel bad that my mom isn’t feeling well. Well, she says she feels fine, but we keep telling her to take it easy before she goes gung-ho into doing house chores and whatnot. My mom can’t sit still… I love her, but she needs to get better before she takes on a full work load.

Since my mom was ailing today, it was basically a day full of Yahtzee and Netflix.

After watching a few woodworking shows on PBS, I finished an episode of Dexter that I started last night. Then we began Yahtzee … over the course of the day, I’m sure my mom and I played probably 20 rounds. Not all at once, mind you, but throughout the day…

During this first chunk of Yahtzee time, I tried to explain to my mom about the upcoming Avengers movie. See, I was wearing my Marvel comic t-shirt again… the one that has a bunch of characters on it. And I was pointing out the people who I knew were going to be in the Avengers movie and what their backstories are. Now, I don’t read comic books, but I have seen enough comic book movies and read up a bit about the characters in the Avengers movie to know a bit about them or at least who was playing them. Then, unrelated to the Avengers movie, I was telling her about the Green Hornet and Green Lantern movies. A fan of Seth Rogen and Ryan Reynolds, I will see both movies…

I was never into comic books, but somehow comic book characters and super heroes have always been a part of my life. There are plenty of pictures of me wearing Batman, Robin, or Super Man pajamas when I was a little girl. I totally have Batman, The Incredible Hulk, Super Man, and my Marvel characters shirts. Even now as I’m typing this, I have my Batman Buddy next to me (Iron Man Buddy has been temporarily retired to the chair across the room – I just found that a thread on his foot came unraveled and I don’t want the stuffing to come out. He’ll be fine… he’s chillaxin’ with Yoda Buddy…). I guess I just like a little bit of the fantastic every now and again.


Besides Yahtzee this morning, I brought the rest of my stuff that my parents brought with them from Kansas in from the garage. My room is a hot mess, but I will work on rearranging some more stuff soon. I did unpack my faux roses which make me smile. I’m not awesome at keeping real plants alive (though I haven’t killed any of my mom and dad’s plants yet!), but I do love having flowers around. So, my blue and pink roses are pretty perfect in my situation… plus who doesn’t love roses?

During lunch, we watched the SNL Best of Dana Carvey. I hadn’t seen some of the sketches, so I really enjoyed seeing Massive Head Wound Harry πŸ™‚ After lunch, I went to my room to watch last night’s episode of Jimmy Fallon since Paul Rudd was on. I love Paul Rudd and his ridiculous shorts suit. After that, I did some banking and car insurance stuff and then decided to start a social experiment on Facebook.

See, one of my favorite SNL sketches of all time – Cobras vs. Panthers – is not available to watch anywhere online. It used to be on youtube, but was taken down due to copyright issues. So, I started a group to see if we could somehow get enough people in the group to show support of getting this video clip on the NBC/SNL website. If a Facebook group could get Betty White to host the show, surely a group could get a video clip online, right?

This is also a social experiment to see how few of my hundreds of Facebook friends would join the group and spread the word… I know it’s not an awesome cause or anything, but it really shows who is willing to click “join” and who is not. Not to say that this will show me who my real friends are or anything, but I know I’m not important in the grand scheme of things. But I sincerely would like that video on the website, so this isn’t all in vain. If we can’t watch it on youtube, then please provide us a copyrighted way to watch it legally.

After my feeble attempts to start a movement, I went back upstairs to play some more Yahtzee with my mom. Part way through the match, I asked her when she was free to go see Rock of Ages with me… and then I bought our tickets! It’s amazing… there was over $30 in fees for two tickets that were only $25.50 apiece. WTF, Ticketmaster?!

Anyway, my mom and I are seeing Rock of Ages – I can’t wait to see Constantine Maroulis on stage!!!!!! I’m already giggling like a school girl – this is going to be epic πŸ™‚

I got a phone call from my brother, then my mom got a call from my sister… ah, siblings.

I let the dogs out and then cleaned up the front yard a bit so my parents wouldn’t have to. My mom and I played some more Yahtzee throughout dinner (we use two sets of dice so I don’t have to touch her germy ones… and we have Purell in the kitchen and living room. No black lung for me… yet). We added a sixth dice apiece and took the best five out of six after the final roll. It didn’t change the game much, so I don’t think we’ll be doing that again.

We called it quits and watched some Bones (Season 3 Episode 1) and then a couple episodes of Dexter. I think my mom is hooked now! She keeps saying that Dexter (the character) is creepy and weird. I completely dig that – Michael C. Hall, you are brilliant. (And did you know he was on Broadway? … Love it!)

I have no idea what’s going on tomorrow. I should probably work on school work as it’s August and that means there is about a month and change before OU’s fall quarter starts! I still need to contact my advisor to see if I need to be registered for the quarter in which I plan on defending my thesis proposal (which I haven’t written yet…). Oy vay

Um, so I watched the Pushing Daisies pilot (“Pie-lette“) again. I can’t help it – I love this show.

But let’s start at the very beginning… a very good place to start.

Because of my epic need to read these days, I was up till probably 1:00 this morning (I’ll finish Sarah Silverman’s book tonight, at the pace I’m going…). So, I was not super happy to be up at 5:00 this morning when I heard my mom leave. (Those who know me best know that I like to at least attempt getting 8 hours of sleep a night.) I tossed and turned in bed, trying to will myself back to sleep. When that didn’t work, I turned on my computer, rearranged some movies in the Netflix queue so I would have easier access to them, then read a really great interview with people who work on How I Met Your Mother. It was a reassuring read – looks like Season Six will be more like the earlier seasons of the show than last season. I didn’t hate Season Five, but it was not my favorite season either.

After going on Facebook to publicly wish my father a Happy Birthday, I shut down the computer and slowly trekked to the main floor of the house. I was greeted by Yukon but had to let Moose out of her coup to get my good morning from her. Mom doesn’t trust Moose to roam free like a good girl (she’s only two and a half) because sometimes she’ll bark at random stuff, so I freed her and then gave both dogs breakfast. (As I’m typing this, Moose is laying at my feet and licking them… ew.)

We went outside and I saw that the construction people were back. Once the dogs were done with their respective business, we went inside where I made a banana strawberry smoothie because there were 4 dodgy looking bananas on the counter (I’ll have another smoothie tomorrow morning to finish them off). With my smoothie in hand, I sat down to start watching Synecdoche, New York (2008), as there are only a few more days where it is an instant-stream movie on Netflix and I was in the mood for some Philip Seymour Hoffman.

Though I only watched an hour of it before I turned off the TV to get a shower, do laundry and read some articles for thesis stuff, I saw enough to understand why it was so critically acclaimed. Great cast + interesting/unique/original script from Charlie Kaufman = a solid film.

After some shores, I must admit that I caught up on some Comic-Con news and watched some Late Night with Jimmy Fallon clips that I missed this week. *Then* I read two and a half articles for my thesis proposal. I had a few false-starts, as I had accidentally had duplicate articles in my list of stuff to read. Lucky for me I have a freakishly good memory, so a sentence or two into the duplicates, I realized I had already read some of those articles before… over a month ago. Awesome.

When my head felt like it was starting to explode, I shut down my Mac (I should have a name for my computer by now, but I don’t… I must think on that. My car’s name is Blue Car and my iPod is named The Pie Maker, so surely I should think up a name for my computer…) and took the dogs outside. Excellent timing on my behalf – I managed to get both dogs out and in before they starting paving the street with the giant machines that make the loud noises. (Gotta do my best to make sure Yukon doesn’t have to get more high-strung then she already is.)

I fixed myself a chicken salad sandwich, grabbed an orange and my water bottle, and settled back onto the couch to finish watching Synecdoche, New York. With the whole play-within a play-within the movie going on, I began to rationalize it out like when I was watching Inception. Synecdoche, New York was a good movie, but it made me sad as much as it made me think, so I don’t think I’ll be watching it again any time soon.

My mom called before the movie was done and told me that she was in Kansas, but my dad and sister were not. She sounded a bit weird on the phone and was all like “I’m here. I’ll call you later, okay. Talk to you later.” (That doesn’t read as dodgy, I know, but her tone of voice made it seem like she knew something -perhaps something bad – but was avoiding telling me flat-out what was going on.) Of course I was worried, but she said she’d call back.

When my movie was over, I had good intentions to read more thesis stuff, but I ended up tagging prior blog posts (yeah… I should have just done it while I was posting the first time around. Whoops.) Somehow, my post yesterday about my love for Constantine Maroulis gave my site a bit of a boost πŸ™‚ I’m glad there are other people out there who appreciate the previous American Idol contestant as I do. Thanks for reading my post!!

When it got to be 2:30, my mom hadn’t called back yet and I got extra worried. So, I called her and left a voicemail on her phone. Since she didn’t pick up, I was assuming the worst had happened and my dad and/or sister was hurt (or worse). After a few more minutes, I called my dad. Thankfully, he picked up. I asked if everything was okay and then I burst into tears because I was worried that mom didn’t call back or pick up when I called. He assured me everything was okay and I tearfully wished him a Happy Birthday.

We hung up and I had no desire to work on school work so I opted to fold laundry. I popped in my You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown soundtrack and belted it out along with Anthony Rapp, Kristin Chenoweth, Roger Bart and the rest of the gang.

When that chore was done, I returned to my computer, determined to work on more school work. I got 1/2 a page of notes done when I found myself watching youtube videos of Glee stuff – I can’t help it. I love Glee.

Five o’clock rolled around and I fed the dogs and let them outside. One of the across the street neighbors came out while the dogs were poking about the front yard. Usually no one on the block acknowledges my presence, but this guy decided to yell, “Welcome back, Sue!” at me and the dogs went berserk. They started barking, so I thought the guy would stop waving, but instead he kept talking and Yukon bolted across the street and Moose started dragging me toward her as I tried to command Yukon back to our yard and communicate to the neighbor guy that I am Sue’s daughter. I corralled my dogs back to the yard while the neighbor guy commented that I look so much like my mom letting the dogs out. If by “you look like your mom from a distance” means “you and your mom are both girls,” then he would be correct. My mom and I look a bit alike, but not from a distance – I have long dark brown hair, she has shorter light brown hair. I am pasty white while my mom is very tan. I was wearing an “I ❀ NY" t-shirt and cargo shorts while my mother would never wear that… Come on, neighbor guy. Please do not yell across the street when I am trying to shepherd two large dogs about the yard.

(Commercial for Charlie St. Cloud… totally going to go see that even though it looks beyond cheesy. Go ahead and judge – I like Zac Efron. I totally have all 3 HSM movies and saw Hairspray, HSM3 and 17 Again in theaters…)

When I got back inside with the dogs, I scolded them for running across the street like they did. They understand more people words than one would think (breakfast, biscuit, treat, coup, food, dinner, hungry, deck, outside, leash, ball, duck, rope, bone, banana, animal cracker, etc…), so I’m assuming they got the gist of it because Yukon went in her coup without me saying so.

I had picked some tomatoes from the backyard and had those along with my burger for dinner. Instead of watching another movie or the next episode of Dexter, I opted to rewatch the pilot of Pushing Daisies. It was nice to see it now being familiar with all of the characters. Love. This. Show. Maybe I’ll watch some more later…

(Charlie St. Cloud trailer again… twice on NBC in less than 15 minutes. Must be distributed by Universal. *checks movie’s website* Yep. It is.)

After Pushing Daisies, I did some more house chores and then turned ye olde computer back on to type up this blog post while watching Community/30 Rock/Glee. And then I’ll watch something else… though I’m not sure what. Either Blindness, Dexter, Pushing Daisies or something musical. Hmmm…

Regardless, thesis proposal articles can wait until tomorrow.

I don’t know why, but I had that line from Sunday in the Park with George in my head for some reason. Hmmm…

Well, today was another small step for Katie-kind back into the realm of working on my thesis proposal. I got another 2 articles read and another solid pages of notes down… over 11,200 words of notes. Yikes Stripes. I have another 10 articles or so saved in my “Thesis Proposal” folder and then a bunch of guild websites and a few books to peruse, but the note-taking end is in sight. Then just organizing and writing to go – Yikes Stripes again.

I woke up this morning to the sound of dogs barking. My parents already left for their canoeing obligation (they were riding on the Park’s boat to make sure the paddlers were staying safe, etc…), so only the dogs were home with me. I ate my yogurt and granola while watching the first 40 minutes of Serenity (you know, the movie that followed the short-lived but epically brilliant series Firefly…). So far, so good… love me some Nathan Fillion and Sean Maher.

I then brushed my teeth and got dressed – ready to face a day of thesis stuff. I turned on my computer and somehow ended up watching youtube clips, parts of various episodes of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon that I had missed, and reading up on Comic-Con. When it got to be 12:30 and I hadn’t done any homework, I knew I needed to turn off the computer, let out the dogs, eat lunch, watch the rest of Serenity and *then* get to work.

Which is exactly what I did…

Oh, Serenity. I thought you were a fitting end for Firefly. Although I was aware of the characters that died (I won’t spoil which ones), I was shocked when one of the deaths went down all of a sudden. Sadness! I immediately grabbed my phone and texted Matt because he watched it a few months ago and was the only person I knew who watched the entire series and movie (and this was his favorite character). I watched the remainder of the film with my mouth hanging slightly open, talking at the television every now and again in genuine reaction to what I was seeing before me.

The movie ended and I had to get to work. I rebooted my computer and nestled down into the recliner. While my dogs slept, I typed away at my keyboard, digitally jotting down notes from the lengthy articles I managed to make it through today.

Upon completion of the second article, my parents arrived back home. My mom and I had a slice of pie while she told me about their morning adventures (my dad was fast asleep in the recliner I just vacated). Mom and I played some Yahtzee, each winning two rounds, though I was the overall champion (842 to 791 – woot). I playfully chided “Go f**k yourself!” in a high voice as my mother had done over Christmas break, mimicking a phrase my brother had introduced to us over the course of the holiday season. Both she and my father looked at me like I had said this out of nowhere. I stopped to remind them of what went down over Christmas and they both were like “What the what?!” So, I texted my brother for verification that I was not making this up. He texted back that I remembered correctly. His girlfriend seconded it. I also texted my sister and she called back to verify that my mother had indeed been chanting “Go f**k yourself” at us over the holidays (not maliciously, mind you). I love my family.

My parents left again around 6. I made dinner and watched two of my favorite episodes of Pushing Daisies (I didn’t watch them in their entirety, but fast forwarded to my favorite parts… basically it was 40 minutes of Ned instead of 80 minutes of everyone…). I was then going to work on school work, but when I checked my email, I saw that I had a message from a nice guy that I have been chatting with online as of late.

Now, I have been thinking about this long and hard, but I don’t think it is wise of me to even be thinking about being in a relationship right now. Chalk it up to horrible timing… I just got out of grad school, I moved to a new state hundreds of miles away from all my friends, I have no job, I have no idea what i want to be when I grow up, I am trying to work on my thesis proposal so I can defend it and then do my thesis, I recently had a (temporary) falling out with my best friend of 15 years, and I just went through the emotional wringer regarding unrequited feelings (among other things…). So, really this is not the best timing to be launching myself into a relationship that is anything more than friends right now. And as much as that really sucks, it’s the most sensible thing to do. I need to figure my shit out before I can be in a relationship with someone else, as it’s not fair to him.

So, I did what I thought was best and messaged the nice guy back and told him what was on my mind. I felt like I was breaking up with someone, but we weren’t even dating. But I still felt super crumby about it 😦

And now I’m watching the rest of Bandits with my parents… and soon we’ll watch the Jon Hamm SNL. I have no idea what is in store for tomorrow… only time will tell.

I made it to my apartment in one piece last night around 9:45 pm. It took just over 15 hours to drive from our house in MN to my place in OH and a couple of times, I was pretty sure I wanted to not drive ever again.

My dad woke me up at 5 AM and I was on the road by 5:33… the first five hours actually went really quick. I didn’t stop once and I had a solid selection of mix CDs to keep me entertained. I snacked on some Chickadees (the Target version of Goldfish crackers – woot) and drank some water like a road trip champion.

Then things started pissing me off.

I planned on stopping to get food for the rest of the day and gas in my car in the same area and then pressing on some more until I needed to stretch my legs.

Turns out where I stopped to get food (Subway – each fresh, yo), all of the gas stations were either on the other side of the busy road, or miles from the highway. F-you, whatever town that was where I stopped. I drove out of there shaking my head and wondering why that place didn’t decide to construct their service stations in a more logical layout.

I finally got gas and then stopped to eat about 6 1/2 hours into my trip. I had a text from Robin (I hope all your library stuff went well!) and then called my mom.

My mom and sister were in New York. And while I was super jealous about this, I was beyond jealous and really upset when they told me they were currently at my favorite restaurant in the theater district and then seeing a Broadway show.

Not fair. Not fair at all.

I love Broadway. I would probably give up movies forever if I could just sit and watch Broadway shows all the time.

And not only were they seeing a show, but they were seeing A Little Night Music, starring the new cast – BERNADETTE PETERS AND ELAINE STRITCH!!!!

(See how this is all not fair?)

So not only did my mom and sister go traveling all around the country on a super fun road trip, but they were in my favorite city, seeing Bernadette friggin’ Peters singing “Send in the Clowns”.

I told them I had to get driving and hung up the phone, in tears. I was jealous, but I was more tired and just pissed that I don’t know the next time I’m get to go to New York to see any shows.

I got back in the car and kept driving. Still mad at the world, the tears were coming down my cheeks like it was raining inside my car. I know that driving on a highway while crying is not safe, nor very becoming, so I tried to cheer myself up with some happy thoughts. Or at least think of how lucky I am to have what I do have and try not to be petty about not being in New York… That kinda worked, but I refused to listen to my 4 Broadway mix CDs the rest of the trip.

To add some more arsenic on top of the already poisonous day I thought I was having, traffic and construction was bonkers the entire day. I was in standstill traffic probably 4 or 5 times, especially surrounding Indianapolis and Columbus. I was super bummed about the Columbus traffic because I was literally an hour away from my apartment and my car was stopped because people can’t figure out how to merge when lanes get shut down. Also, it would be awesome if people used their blinkers.

Okay, enough bitching about my trip.

I finally made it to my house and called my dad, left messages on my mom and sister’s phones, and texted some Ohio friends to let them know I made it to town in one piece.

A cold shower and multiple fans helped rid the feeling of being in a car for 15 hours. I texted with a few friends and then tried to get the Internet in our apartment re-connected.

I managed to plug in everything and make sure all the wires were where they should be. But somehow, our Internet won’t work (I am typing this from my laptop at the Student Center on campus… I needed to come to town for errands anyway. Maybe look for some Pushing Daisies DVDs at Hoffa’s…). It still didn’t work this morning. BLAH.

As I nestled in my bed to watch Glee before falling asleep, my phone rang around 11:30ish. It was my mom!

They had just gotten out of their show and Sarah was at the stage door of the theater to try and get Bernadette Peter’s autograph. My mom recounted the rest of their day since I last talked to them. They went to Macy’s, then to the NBC building to try and get tickets for Jimmy Fallon’s show. They got standby tickets, but were able to see him rehearse his monologue and the Thank You notes! They saw Jimmy, some of the writers (even Miles!), and James from The Roots. I think they even got to talk with Morgan, one of the writers. I was super jealous, of course. I love Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. I have seen almost every single episode. My mom, however, hadn’t seen any episodes. Crazy times.

Anyway, my sister ended up getting a bunch of people’s autographs, including Bernadette Peters. So, my mom is giving me her Playbill, so now I will have Miss Peters’s autograph. That’s kinda cheating, though, since I didn’t see her show… but now I can add that to all the other autographs and Playbills I have.

My sister and I are already planning a trip to NYC for next year as Daniel Radcliffe will be starring in the revival of one of my favorite musicals of all time, How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying. I really want to see American Idiot too, but preferably with the original cast.

Anyway, I should get going… need to see if Hoffa’s is open, then off to the grocery store for fresh fruit.

I probably won’t be able to update this again while I am in Ohio unless my apartment’s Internet magically decides to start working.

(Note – I will fix italics and link out to stuff later)