Hey there,

I was really MIA from the blog this year and for that I apologize. Real life definitely got in the way and there’s just some stuff you can’t put on a blog.

I thought I should go back over my resolutions for this year and see how I did/what I could improve upon for 2016.

Here were my resolutions…

1. Finish my book – This did not happen. I ended last year on Chapter 41 and am presently on Chapter 62. I took about a 5 month hiatus from working on my second YA novel. It wasn’t intentional – I just couldn’t write. I would open up the document and stare at it. I’d edit some little things, but couldn’t advance the story any more. I lost my motivation to write and really felt like throwing in the towel. But a few months ago, I got some of my motivation back and have been slowly getting into the groove again. I love my characters and where this story is going, so I am going to keep going. They deserve to have closure. And so do I.

2. Help myself better with regard to my mental health – Yeah, this also didn’t happen. Which in hindsight was a huge mistake. I hit an all-time low with regard to my depression over the summer and really struggled with how to cope with it. I tried talking to some people I trusted about it and that backfired or failed for various reasons. I went onto 7 Cups of Tea and chatted with some people. That helped a little, but I think I needed more. I will likely look into seeing someone next year – even just one session – if I can afford it. I can’t let what happened this summer happen again for that length of time. I still have low days every now and again, but that was weeks and months of awfulness. I’m bouncing back, though, and am grateful for the people I still/now have in my corner.

3. See at least 1 show a month – Finally – something I did accomplish! I saw a ton of shows this year. I don’t have an exact number for you at the moment, but I definitely saw anywhere from 1-7 shows a month. My favorite show was Hamilton (of course, right?). My least favorite was Doctor Zhivago. But there was so much good theater this year! I recently saw School of Rock and Fiddler on the Roof. Both top notch.

4. Read more – As of right now, I’ve read 102 books this year. I’ve started two more books and hopefully I can finish those (and more?) in the next two weeks.

5. See more of my family – I did not see my Philly family at all this year 😦 That’s all on me. I did see my parents and siblings for the July 4th holiday and Thanksgiving, and will be closing out the year with them on a family vacation in Florida. And I’ll get to see my grandparents who I haven’t seen in a couple years!

6. Befriend at least one guy – Check! I’ve become better friends with one of the doormen I see a lot through work as well as befriended a friend of my brother. It is so great having these gentlemen as friends because of the fantastic conversations and stories shared. There are jokes and opinions and thoughtful interactions. I’m so grateful to have these guys in my life.

7. Have better social interactions – Still working on this, but I think I am getting better at interacting with others. I’m still kind of awkward, but that’s probably never going to completely stop. I know what I have to offer as a person, and if that comes via some rambling at times… *shrug*  I’ve worked some high profile events, as well as interact with people of a high social class than myself on a daily basis. I was raised in the Midwest, so I’m polite to a fault (especially when compared to other NYCers).


So, yeah… this year was a mixed bag. I don’t really have any set-in-stone resolutions for next year, but I hope to continue to read more, see as many shows as I am able, actually finish my book, and perhaps do better with regard to my social life (i.e. dating). This year it really hit me hard just how lonely I actually am. I like being alone, but being lonely is really starting to wear me down. (Both my siblings are married to great people and my folks have been happily married for 34 years. I am a 7th Wheel. And while I don’t *need* a significant other, it would selfishly be nice to have a special guy in my life.)

I hope your 2015 is ending well and that your 2016 starts off likewise.

Have a good one!


I know I live in NYC, but you don’t know how happy I am to be in my apartment wearing pajamas and burrowed under a pile of blankets. It’s cold here in the Big Apple. I would know – I spent the entire day outdoors walking dogs. (Walking dogs is fun, but it’s less fun when it’s bitter cold and windy like whoa.)


It’s not 2014 yet as I type this, but it likely will be by time you read this post. Happy New Year’s (Eve), everyone. We did it. We made it through 2013.


I don’t know about you, but 2013 was a bumpy year. I started the year off with the flu and bronchitis. I got let go from my job, was unemployed for a few months, and felt really low about myself. Things are a lot better now as the year is coming to a close. I’m employed. I have health insurance that kicks in on January 1st (Thanks, Obama!). I can pay my bills. I have family and friends who love and support me. I already have much higher hopes for 2014.


(Don’t get me wrong – there were awesome parts of 2013. I got to go to the Tony Awards rehearsal. I saw a bunch of shows on and off Broadway. I saw Darren Criss in concert [again] with a group of friends. I saw New Kids on the Block/Boyz II Men/98 Degrees in concert and it was awesome. I reconnected with one of my best friends from middle school and we see each other once a month and we’re fabulous. I got to see one of my other best friends twice this year and we went on a freakin’ cruise together with my family. My sister got married to a really awesome guy who I’m grateful to have as a brother-in-law. My brother celebrated his first wedding anniversary with a lady who I absolutely adore as my sister-in-law. My parents celebrated their 32nd Anniversary and are pretty much the cutest pair of people in the history of married folks. I got to spend Thanksgiving and Christmas with family.)


I have a lot of free time at work this week (some of my clients don’t need their dogs walked), so I’ve been reading a lot (I’ll get to that in a bit). But, today since I was working down toward Chambers Street, I decided to walk a little further south to where the World Trade Center towers once stood. I’m so glad I did.


The first time I visited NYC was 2004, so I never actually saw the towers in person (though of course I had seen them on TV and in movies). I moved to NYC in 2012 but had never been to the site even though I had been near that neighborhood on a couple occasions. But, today I walked to the base of the Freedom Tower and saw where the towers once stood. It was a really humbling and thought-provoking experience. I felt a lot of emotions all at once and it was almost too much to handle. I reflected on 9/11. I can’t even articulate the enormity of it all. I kind of don’t want to – me seeing the site was a very private moment for me. And as much as I was thinking about everything that 9/11 entailed for the past decade and change, I also (selfishly) thought how it was appropriate that I, personally, see the site today. Right then. The word that kept flashing up in my mind was “rebuild.” I don’t feel that I need to explain that, but I know for my own purposes what today meant to me as I look to 2014.


Last night I did something I usually don’t do – I wrote down some New Years Resolutions. I was careful with my list and made sure to write down things that I actually thought I could accomplish. I know people always say “lose weight” or “eat better.” I know I don’t eat as healthy as I should, but I walk about 5-10 miles a day, five days a week for my job and have lost 20 pounds in the last year and a half, so… those things were not on my list. (insert shrug here)


Here’s what is on my list:


– Finish my book – This is very much achievable. Right now I’m on Chapter 17 and I have the rest of it outlined. It’s going to need a lot of help in editing (I know I need to add in a lot of description, among other things.), but it’s coming along. I really hope once it’s finished and polished a bit that it’s good enough to submit to literary agents. I aspire to publish a novel. It’s on my Bucket List. Let’s do this.


– Finish my screenplay(s) – I’m a couple scenes shy of finishing the first feature-length screenplay I ever wrote and about 30 pages shy of my second script. The first script is crap, but it was something I needed to write because it was taking up too much room in my head. The second script has potential, but I’m still wrestling with how I want it to end. I can get it done, though. I know I can.


– Go on more dates – This is actually the thing on my list that I’m least certain about, but I’m going to actively try to make this happen. I went on two dates this year… and actually, I wouldn’t even call either of them dates. They were more like “walk-and-talks” (because my life is obviously a movie… duh). Both non-dates were 2-3 hour walks in Central Park where the guy I was with and I talked about stuff. I knew one of the guys from school and the other guy I met on a dating website. Both were nice guys, but nothing came out of either non-date. However, I learned a lot about them and myself during the few hours we spent together. Without making a tangent into a depressing story about how I’ve (wrongfully) thought that I wasn’t good enough to find someone special, I will say (well, write) that I am learning to love myself more and by doing that, it’s dawning on me that I am a good person and though I might not be super model hot, I’m not altogether fugly either. I have good morals. People tell me I’m funny. I’m caring. And someday I would like to get married. (You likely don’t know how frustrating it is to be the 7th wheel at family functions… Trust me, it’s frustrating.) I’m not looking to get married right this second. But, it would be nice to meet a guy I click with. It’d be nice to have a guy whose hand I can hold when we go see action movies or live theater. So, yeah. Go on more dates.


– See at least 1 show a month – I’ve been doing pretty well with this so far, but I want to make sure I keep it up. Live theater is the greatest form of entertainment ever. I love it. I need it in my life. (My show for December was “Beautiful – The Carole Kind Musical.” I will post a whole post about it in the next few days. It was amazing.)


– Read more – This is something else I’ve been rocking out the last few months. Reading (especially for fun) is one of life’s simple pleasures. I’m so glad I finally got my NYC library card over the summer. With my job, I usually have a few minutes (or hours, depending on the day) between walks and it allows me to get some reading done. Lately, I’ve been reading mostly YA novels. I finished three within the last three days and started another one this morning. (I will write a separate blog post about this as well…)  My parents read a lot and it’s something that has stuck with me. I read a lot when I was little, but over the years it was something I was doing less and less. I’m glad to have picked this hobby back up. It’s relaxing as much as it is educational/research.


– Visit my sister – I put a “?” by this on my list because this might not be as feasible as I hope (I need to wait until taxes are done, among other things). My sister lives in Arkansas and she and her husband just got a new puppy. Aunt Kate needs to go see little Rosie before little Rosie becomes the size of a small horse.


There’s actually one more thing on my list, but I’m deciding not to share it with the masses. (And by “masses,” I mean the couple people who accidentally stumble upon this blog while looking for a Harry Potter quote…) But, I hope that I’m able to accomplish that last (mystery) resolution.


Man, I am yawning. It’s a combination of me being super exhausted from being in the cold/wind all day, me not sleeping well to begin with, and the 24 oz of hard cider I downed in the last couple hours. (I’m not tipsy… but I can feel it.) I’ll make it to midnight, but likely only just. I’m bonkers tired (I only slept well a couple nights in the past few months…), but luckily I don’t have to work tomorrow. I won’t be setting my alarm, but my guess is I’ll probably still wake up early. I have a lot of stuff to type tomorrow (blog posts for her, blog posts for FFE, and my book), but it’s nice knowing I don’t have to be anywhere.


It’s really nice knowing I don’t have to be anywhere, I kind of broke a toe a few weeks ago and it hurts to walk on it. And since I walk a lot for my job, there is really no time for my toe to not hurt. Oh well.


I hope your 2013 ends/ended well. Mine ended pretty great. I got to go home to MN for Christmas. (I realize I live in NYC and have lived here for over a year now, and I plan on living here forever, but it doesn’t feel like “home” yet. So, for the time being, MN is still my “home” because that’s where my parents and dog are. Also, I recently lived there for 2 years, so it was my home and still feels as such.) It was a bugger to get there – my flight got delayed a bit, and then they switched our gate a few times. My parents were awesome enough to pick me up at the airport, but we didn’t get to the house until almost 1am on Christmas. We stayed up for a little and had some coffee cake, and then I wrapped presents. I was so tired, but I couldn’t sleep. Christmas day we watched some Sherlock Series 2 (I can’t wait for Series 3!!!), The Hobbit and Love Actually. My mom, sister and I saw American Hustle. My mom and I marathoned White Collar Season 4. My parents, brother and I went and saw the USA National Hockey Team play the Canadian Olympic team as a “Road to Sochi” match. Women’s hockey is awesome, by the way. It was so great to see all those talented ladies take the ice – plus, it was a super great game. AND I got to see the Herb Brooks statue outside of the arena. I was really sad to leave my family (especially because I don’t know the next time I’ll see them again), but I had to come back. NYC might not quite feel like home, but I know I’m supposed to be here.


Have a safe and happy New Year! (Expect some blog posts soon about books and Broadway 🙂 )