So, last night a friend and I went to StatKid’s Apocalyptour in Kansas City and it was AMAZING. I have a bunch of pictures, but I will post them later (when I am not on my phone…).

The show was really, really great. Charlene Kaye opened and she was flawless, as usual. Then, StarKid did an hour and a half show… Holy hell, it was great to see them live again (I saw most of them in the DigiTour last year). The vocal arrangements were tivdsgjjvxsgjvxs. It was really, really great. I’m so glad I got a chance to see them πŸ™‚

After the show, we got pictures with some people from the Team and the band. It’s super crazy to me how lucky I have been to see these people perform (some of them multiple times) over the past year. I do not take that for granted… I know there are StarKid fans out there who will likely never get to see them perform in person.

Now that I saw the Apocalyptour show for myself, I will go back and watch clips from the LA (and later the NYC) show, to see how Darren was incorporated into the show. That should be entertaining.

For now, though, I am going to get off my phone…

Have a good one

Sorry I’ve been sucking at blogging lately. BUT, I have some time now and today was busy, so I will post about things in the order they happened and will save SPACE Tour videos for the end.

1. When I woke up this morning, one of the first things I saw online was this:

I still kinda can’t believe this is happening and I get to go see it. H2$ is pretty much my favorite stage musical of all time (even though I haven’t ever seen it on stage before…). I saw the movie when I was in elementary school and have seen it a bajillion times since. I’ve listened to the Original Broadway Cast recording and the 1994 revival over and over and over again (for some reason I can’t bring myself to listen to the DanRad version… I’m not a super huge fan of his singing voice). This clip just made me super happy, even though it doesn’t really show much except for some BTS on his photo shoot.

2. Also released today was “Perfect” from tomorrow’s episode of Glee … c/o Rollingstone.com


So, Kurt and Blaine duet on Perfect. And it’s PERFECT. No, seriously… listen to it. I think the plot of the episode is that Finn and the other Glee kids are singing women’s songs to Santana after her Episode 6 outing. In my head canon, Blaine and Kurt start off singing this song to Santana, but part way through the song they are really just singing to each other and Blaine has tears in his epic Heart Eyes for Kurt. Please let this be accurate…

I have listened to this song an embarrassing number of times today. #noregrets The Pink version is already one of my favorite songs ever, so this is just the icing on the “Perfect” cake. The lyrics to this song (minus the rap… bah) are so beautiful. Catch me in an emotional state listening to this song and I will have legit tears in my eyes.

3. So, I finally saw J. Edgar.

I honestly didn’t know a whole heck of a lot about the man before I saw the movie and was definitely a bit enlightened by the content of the film. While I thought he was a bit paranoid and full of himself, I found his relationships in the film super compelling.


So, I was a bit unaware of Hoover’s personal life. Do I take this movie as a 100% completely accurate depiction of Hoover’s life? NO. But I found the relationships with his mother, his secretary and Clyde Tolson to be very moving.

I thought Hoover had a good relationship with his mother until that scene where he tells her he doesn’t like to dance, and he doesn’t like to dance with women. When his mom reminded him about a boy from his childhood (“Daffy” – short for “Daffodil”) who killed himself and then said “I’d rather have a dead son than a daffodil” (or something along those lines), my heart BROKE.

I thought Hoover’s relationship with his secretary was interesting. I liked watching it progress throughout their time together. It was beyond awkward watching their “date” in the Library of Congress, especially when he dove in for a kiss that was utterly rejected. But, they overcame that and they ended up being quite the team. It’s amazing how much respect there must have been between them – her keeping all of his secret files for him like that.

But, my favorite relationship of the film was between Hoover and Tolson. Was Hoover gay? I tried to Google that, but didn’t really get a solid yes or no answer. (For the record, the answer may be out there … I didn’t spend a whole hell of a lot of time google Hoover’s sexual history. That’s his own business.) But I was beyond intrigued by Hoover and Tolson’s working and personal relationship in this film.

Tolson doted on Hoover. He looked at him fondly and was very caring and giving with his time and actions to the other man. Even I swooned a bit when Tolson made Hoover promise that they would never miss lunch or dinner appointments with each other whether it was a good or bad day for them.

The first time they sort of held hands in the car (Hoover placed his hand on top of Tolson’s), my heart stopped because it was such an intimate moment. However, their hotel scenes made my heart hurt. Scene One: When Hoover told Tolson, “I care so very much for you, Clyde,” to which Tolson took him by the hand and responded, “I love you, Edgar” and then Hoover changed subjects to talk of a lady friend he was considering marrying… my jaw dropped and my heart broke. It stayed broken during the fight scene.

Scene Two: My heart legit hurt during this sequence. The way Tolson snapped because Hoover was mistreating his feelings. I read some online comment on some message board that said commenter was disappointed in the fight because it looked like the two were having a cat fight. UMMMMMMM NO. Those men threw punches. Legit punches. Out of anger and love. And then when Tolson kissed him… and Hoover’s forehead wrinkled and he just sort of melted for a fraction of a second. Holy shit. He must have been so conflicted in that moment. Tolson had every right to walk away… but Hoover calling him back “Don’t leave me! Clyde, please! Clyde, I’m sorry!”. GAH. MY HEART.

I thought DiCaprio and Hammer were amazing in this movie. Their old man makeup was hella distracting, but they both gave fine performances despite what they looked like as old men. Clint Eastwood is an amazing director. My biggest complaint besides the makeup was that creepy boy from Gossip Girl (Ed Westwick?) was in the film. BOOOOOOOO

4. SPACE Tour

So, as I mentioned yesterday, StarKid just got done with their month-long SPACE tour. I bookmarked a shit-ton of videos from youtube and I haven’t gotten a chance to watch them all yet. HOWEVER, here are a few of my favorites from when Darren joined up with the group on the last couple concerts of the tour:

Status Quo – I f-ing love this song. And I love it with 5-part harmony. And tambourines.

To Have A Home – Darren fans just know what this song means on every possible level. It’s just really special to get to watch him sing this, okay?

Gotta Get Back to Hogwarts – GAH, I LOVE THEM ALL SO MUCH πŸ™‚

And, finally, Not Alone. This is just one of the best anthems… it’s got such a great message. Plus, it’s super special getting to see him perform this because it’s been used now for so many things and all of them represent something amazing and positive. Also, Darren is freakin’ talented when it comes to performing. Obviously.

So yeah… there are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more SPACE videos on youtube and tumblr. Check them out.

Imma go read… remember, tomorrow is Glee Tuesday

Have a good one

Right now I’m watching Nadal vs. Murray and Nadal is up 2 sets to 1, and it up 4-2 in the fourth set. This is a phenomenal game… just some great, great tennis. I missed Federer’s game earlier, but I know he lost 😦

I’m rooting for Nadal, but honestly either guy is deserving to go to the finals. Murray is totally shouting at himself right now. Poor guy

A majority of the reason why I love watching tennis is for John McEnroe’s commentary. I f-ing love John McEnroe.

You cannot be serious!

Remember when he had a talk show? It only lasted 22 episodes, but I totally watched all of them. He’s really knowledgeable about tennis and has a great voice for commentating.

(And Nadal just totally won… what a match! Time for some women’s tennis…)

My mom, dad and I played some tennis today after dinner. We don’t play well by any means, but we are capable of volleying the ball back and forth a few times before someone mashes one into the net or launches one high into the sky, well over the other person’s head. I hadn’t played in a few months. I mean, my mom and I play ping pong almost every day, multiple times a day at that. But tennis is way different than ping pong with the amount of running around that actually goes down. For not playing in a few months, I thought we actually did pretty well. I need to work on my backhand. Like whoa.

All in all, I had a fairly productive day. I slept in until 9:30 (awesome) and then threw in some laundry. I watched some Glee during breakfast (“Never Been Kissed” episode… because the “Teenage Dream” is so far still my favorite Glee performance of all time. I’m hoping something in Season 3 will top that, but for right now, it’s “Teenage Dream” forever and always. That song means so much more to me all the songs performed on that show thus far. It’s the song that introduced us to Blaine. It’s the song that made me Google Darren Criss. Googling Darren Criss led me to StarKid and Darren’s solo music projects. StarKid and finding out more about Darren ultimately led me to joining the Darren Criss Street Team. Joining the Street Team brought me to Chicago to partake in the Darren Criss Street Team Flash Mob. That Chicago trip and Flash Mob allowed me to not only attend Darren’s concert where I heard him sing “Teenage Dream” live [during which his phone went off… hilarious], but meet Darren himself, as well as befriend some of the most amazing people who have since become my dysfunctional online family. So yeah… “Teenage Dream” means a lot to me πŸ™‚ )

After some Glee, I job hunted for awhile and sent in some more applications. I played with the dogs for a bit, and then I played some Dance on Broadway. I only made it through a few songs because my parents came home and I realized it was almost 1:30 and I hadn’t had lunch.

This afternoon I played some ping pong, sent out more job applications and then helped make dinner. Then after dinner was tennis and now watching tennis. Tomorrow will bring more job applications and likely more ping pong and/or tennis.

So, I’m gonna wrap this up and watch some more tennis and read. Tomorrow is 9/11. I expect to watch some stuff on TV regarding the 10 year anniversary of this catastrophic and horrific moment in American History. It’s still really hard for me to watch footage from that day, but I feel obligated to because it’s important to remember what happened. It’s important to honor the people who died, were injured, or lost loved ones on that day. I pray to whoever is up there that nothing bad happens tomorrow.

Have a good one

But, before I bitch about work, here’s a bit of good news…

StarKid AJ Holmes is going to be in the touring cast of Young Frankenstein as Frankenstein from September to June!! Here’s the link to the schedule and tour info… I think the group of StarKids that I roll with are going to try and see the show in January… I’m not sure if I’ll be able to go to the same show with them, though, as I’ll need to be in NYC around that time to see one of my other favorite StarKids, Darren Criss, in his Broadway debut in How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying πŸ™‚

Yay for StarKids πŸ™‚

Okay, so I am going to bitch about work for a little bit.

Work was going so well today. I was covering my work area and a colleague’s work area because she was running late due to a family thing. No problem – work was slow, so I was easily able to cover 1/2 of the entire floor by myself.

Unfortunately, I had a huge sales goal, which was going to be unattainable due to the fact that I was only working 4 hours today. I kept busy, but I wasn’t super busy.

Toward the very end of my shift, I was super busy, juggling three sets of customers. During this chunk of time, my manager came up to me to discuss my numbers from a couple weeks ago (which I knew weren’t good). I was up on a ladder trying to track down stuff for my customers while my manager went on about how my sales numbers for that week were really bad.

Of course the were bad!

I tend to get scheduled for short shifts on days when my workplace is not super busy. However, on those same, often slow days, my sales goals are astronomical. For example, last week, I was scheduled to work 3 hours and my sales goal was almost $2000. Whereas, on other days, if I work for 3 hours, my sales goal is a more attainable $600. When I don’t meet or come close to meeting my sales goal, my performance numbers suffer. It’s hard to meet a sales goal when there is physically no one in the work area to sell to. I’m not a friggin’ magician. I can’t make customers appear out of thin air, let a lone drop hundreds of dollars on stuff.

I tried to explain this to my manager (not using the above wording, of course). She nodded her head and agreed with me, but it still looks like I’m not doing my job well. But, I know that I am awesome at my job, even though my numbers don’t quite show it. Colleagues tell me I’m good at my job. Customers tell me that I’m good at my job.

It also doesn’t help that I was told by one colleague (in front of my manager, luckily), that a $1000 sale I was working on today was taken by another colleague.

Yeah, you read that right.

So, today was frustrating because it just feels like my current job is forever setting me up to fail.

I know this isn’t going to be my career. But I also know that I like to be good at whatever it is I do. And I am good at my job. But since my numbers suck, I’m sure all my managers think I suck.

I got home around the same time as my mom. She was getting back from having a lump thing removed from her elbow (she’s fine – it’s not malignant or anything), and she had gotten us doughnuts on the way home. We sat at the dining room table with our snack (i.e. my lunch b/c I wasn’t given my break at work today… surprise, surprise) and I vented a bit. Not gonna lie, I teared up. I haven’t been sleeping well and I was just so frustrated. I told her I really was thinking that if I don’t get hired from any of the applications I’ve applied for thus far, I’m seriously thinking about quitting after Christmas and just moving somewhere because my current job is so soul crushing.

(End rant about work)


So, there was a Glee re-run on tonight, “Prom Queen”

I wrote a big ol’ blog post about it when it first aired. You can read about it HERE.

It was nice to catch this on TV again, though. Last time it was on, there was a huge storm and we missed the last couple minutes. So, when my mom and I watched it tonight, she still didn’t know what happened after Kurt and Dave were supposed to dance. It was so cute watching my mom… when Dave walked off, my mom was like, “Is Kurt going to dance alone?!” and then on the TV, Blaine was all like, “Excuse me. May I have this dance?” and my mom was like, “Blaine! [swats me on the leg] Saving the day!”


(btw – my mom calls Darren Criss “Blaine” regardless of what we’re watching that has him in it… or when we’re talking about him. Like, last night I was at Applebees with my parents for their Anniversary and I somehow managed to weasel StarKid stuff and Glee into the conversation. My dad commented how he didn’t think Kurt [i.e. Chris Colfer] was going to make it after Glee and both my mom and I were like “NO!” and then my mom was even saying how he was going to be in a movie [Struck By Lightning… which he totally wrote and produced too]. And then I was trying to explain how Chris Colfer and Darren Criss were the only ones who were going to make it after their stints on Glee. MMy dad looked at me like “who?” and my mom was like, “Blaine” and I was like, “you know, Harry Potter from the Harry Potter musicals,” to which my dad said, “I was not aware they were the same person.” Oh, Dad!)

So, 3 weeks till new Glee.

Well… I think I should probably sleep soon. I’m just so tired.

I have 2 days off now, which will be lovely. My mom and I might go a movie on Thursday. That’ll be nice πŸ™‚

Have a good one

You can obviously tell what I’m watching right now…

Community is one of the best shows on television. Right now it’s the rerun of “Paradigms of Human Memory” – the faux clips show. Such a brilliant use of montage of stuff that never actually happened on any other episodes of the show. This was a ridiculously smart and well written episode, among all of Community‘s entire canon of ridiculously smart and well written episodes. How this show has not been formally acknowledged by the entertainment industry is beyond me. Where are its Emmy nominations for this amazing ensemble? Or the writers? Huh???? I can’t wait to listen to the commentaries on the DVDs for Season Two.

God, I love this show.

Today was a semi productive day. I ran a bunch of errands this morning. I returned some pants at Kohls. Got a few books from Borders. Got half of my parents Anniversary present. Got some black pants and skinny jeans at Old Navy. I was unable to find shoes, though, which was a bit disappointing. But, you can’t win them all πŸ™‚

I got home from errands and watched a bit of Starship with lunch. (Really I just watched the scenes on the first disc of the DVDs that had the songs “I Wanna Be,” “Hideous Creatures,” “Kick it Up a Notch,” and “Status Quo.”)

“Status Quo” is one of my favorite songs from Starship, but as much as I love Joey’s version, my favorite will still be Darren Criss’s version from when he did that Livestream:

The song is just great, though, regardless who sings it πŸ™‚

I played some ping pong with my mom. I did some job hunting (which will, of course, continue tomorrow… I need to find some of the articles I wrote for a pop culture magazine I wrote for when I lived in Indiana and scan them so I can show that I am capable of writing entertainment stuff). I helped make dinner. And now I’m watching some TV with my parents.

I have to work for a few hours tomorrow afternoon, but that means I have the morning to job hunt and the evening to maybe watch a movie or something (I got Deer Hunter out from the library… I know I should have seen it by now, but I haven’t).

I’m looking forward to a nice weekend w/my family. I hope you have a nice weekend ahead of you as well

Have a good one πŸ™‚

I am too tired to think right now.

As the moment, I’m watching the Modern Family reruns and Happy Endings on ABC. Even though I’ve seen these episodes multiple times, I still laughed out loud so hard I almost spewed soda out of my mouth. I’m really tired, so everything just seems extra funny.

I had to work this afternoon. It went okay. No where near meeting the astronomical sales goal I was given… it’s like my workplace is setting me up for failure. Not just me, though. It happens to my colleagues too. *shrug*

This morning before work, I tried to figure out some of the online billing stuff I was having issue with yesterday. I found it awfully frustrating when I tried to contact the Student Loans people, but their email option wasn’t working. Boo

In addition to billing shenanigans, I also watched a bunch of videos of StarKid from LeakyCon. I watched all of their songs and then the Q&A. StarKid stuff will always make me smile. Even though it’s all a bit silly at times, I just have really fond memories of watching their shows over the past few months, getting to see them (and meeting some of them) at the Digitour, and seeing them again a few weeks ago in Chicago. I know they are just “normal” people like me, but I really respect that group of people and think they are talented and very creative. I admire that they are a group of friends who continue to work together to make these productions. I look forward to their future projects and hope one day to see one of their shows in person as opposed to on youtube or DVD πŸ™‚ (Seriously, though, if you like comedic musical theater that also has a lot of heart, you need to check out A Very Potter Musical, Me and My Dick, A Very Potter Sequel and Starship. Also, Little White Lies… that’s more of an ABC Family-esque teen soap, but it’s still got some decent music. πŸ™‚ )

Well… off to watch Happy Endings πŸ™‚

Have a good one

P.S. Here’s a link to the Glee Season 3 teaser trailer… Blaine is only in it for a fraction of a second, but his outift is amazing. I can’t wait to see what kind of wardrobe that character gets this season πŸ™‚

I’m 27 years old. How the hell do I not meet a minimum age requirement?

The best part is (worst part?)… it’s for the exact same company at which I am currently employed. Different location, of course. But same company. And my age was not a problem where I’m working now… so, what gives?

The “sorry you didn’t get it” email provided an email address that I could contact if I had questions about why I didn’t get an interview. So, I sent an email asking what the age minimum is… just to see why I didn’t have a chance at getting the job.

Today was quite the day.

I went to work for a few hours and was super busy. A couple unhappy people. A couple very happy people. A lot of very grateful people. It’s a really good feeling when someone goes out of their way to let me know that I was helpful and that I am good at my job. Since customer service is one of the main aspects of my position, it’s nice to know that I am meeting or excelling most customers expectations.

It’s pleasing the higher ups where I am still not meeting expectations, I think. I mean, I haven’t gotten yelled at or anything, but sometimes it seems that sales goals and instant gratification are more important than building a lasting partnership with our customers.

Also, a higher up tried to get me to sign something today regarding taking money out of my paycheck. I was handed a form and expected to sign it right away without reading it… I was also in the middle of helping someone. I didn’t sign it, and instead waited until I had a moment to collect my thoughts and actually read the document I was handed. Luckily, I asked the right questions and was able to sign the document without agreeing to have anything taken out of my paycheck. I will give money on my own accord if I want to to the organizations of my choosing (which I do), but I did not appreciate being put in a situation where I was expected to give money from my already meager paycheck to an organization that I may or may not already support. I did not feel I was wrong to question the document, though I don’t think the higher up appreciated my hesitance or questioning.

We had a bad thunderstorm today while I was at work and the lights flickered and our phones went dead. Not cool. Everything ended up okay, though it was raining super hard by time I got to go home.

Back at the house, I went online to see if the Darren Criss Broadway thing was a go…

IT IS!!!

It was made official today that Darren Criss will be appearing in How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying for a 3 week run in January!

(Confession – I bought my ticket 3 days ago.)

I am super excited. I have no idea where I’ll be in January or what I’ll be doing, but I know for damn sure I will be making my way to the Great White Way for at least one day to see him in the show. From the 8th row of the orchestra. Eight rows away from the stage… it’s going to be glorious.

How to Succeed is one of my favorite musicals of all time. And what I am loving about this revival is that it’s a fairly dance-heavy show. I’ve seen clips of “Grand Old Ivy” and “Brotherhood of Man” online or on TV. I am going to have the biggest grin on my face during this entire musical, I just know it.

I don’t know Darren (obviously), but that doesn’t keep me from being super happy for him. It’s really amazing all that he’s accomplished in the past couple years. He graduated from college a couple years ago, he helped form a theater production company with his friends (StarKid), he earned himself a guest role on Glee which has now turned into a Series Regular for upcoming Season 3, he’s still doing solo shows, and now he’s going to be starring in a Broadway musical. He’s 24 years old.

(I feel like such a slacker.)

I’m really excited to see the show. I’ve become a big fan of Darren through his involvement with Glee and StarKid. I respect him as an artist and a person (watch or read his interviews… he seems like a super normal, grounded person). And to get the chance to see him perform in one of my favorite musicals is going to be a really big thing. It’s a notable moment early in his career, but it’s also going to be a big deal for me.

I bought one ticket to the show. I’m going to turn this into my own grand adventure. Like I wrote earlier, I don’t know where I’ll be or what I’ll be doing in January. But I’m going to make it to NYC for that show. Hey, who knows, maybe I’ll be living there already and will just make it a day in the theater district. Maybe I’ll be living in the midwest and have to fly or drive into the city for the weekend.

Regardless, I’ll be doing this by myself (as of right now). That kinda scares the hell out of me, but at the same time, it could actually be really fun. I’m going to be in my favorite city, seeing one of my favorite shows, starring one of my favorite actors. It’s going to be friggin’ epic.

Speaking of friggin’ epic… next week I get to road trip πŸ™‚ I cannot wait to hang out with everyone I’m going with!!!

So, even though I’m super stressed about still having no idea what my future holds, I can still smile about some awesome things I’m going to be seeing. Woot

Have a good one

If you haven’t head about Comic Con, then you probably are not familiar with popular culture in general.

(Information about Comic Con can be found here…)

Today was the Glee Panel at Comic Con, and while I was not in attendance (obviously), I have read several articles about the panel, and have learned some interesting and wholly confusing things about this program, which if you read this blog on a not-even-regular basis you’ll know that I am a bit obsessed with it.

So, a while ago, in this Ryan Murphy interview with The Hollywood Reporter, he mentioned how Chris Colfer, Cory Monteith and Lea Michele would not be returning for Season 4 of Glee. (We’re about to enter Season 3, fyi). HOWEVER, at today’s panel, Brad Falchuk said that Chris, Cory and Lea would be returning for Season 4 and that though those characters are graduating, the actors are still under contract and would be seen in the 4th season.


Holy contradictory Glee producers, Batman.

I’m wondering how and when they are going to clear this up, as this seems to be an ever-expanding hot mess.

Also found out today via the Glee Panel – Chord Overstreet (Sam Evans) will no longer be on Glee at all. It was reported a couple weeks ago that he did not get picked up as a series regular, but would continue on as a guest star. Well, now he won’t even be a guest star… he’s gone. (When I told my mom, she was bummed – Sam was her favorite.)

So, I’m guessing they’ll have to say that Sam’s family had to move away or something… because at the very end of Season 2, Samcedes looked like it was a go for launch… but since Sam won’t be around anymore, looks like Samcedes is not happening and instead, they’ll have to dedicate at least one line of dialogue to say where that kid went. (Remember when Matt Rutherford was not around for Season 2 and they covered that with one itty-bitty line in “Auditions”.)

One thing that definitely was not cleared up today was whether the rumors about Darren Criss taking over for Daniel Radcliffe in How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying were true or not. In this recent interview with TV Guide, Criss said he could not confirm anything about the rumors. So, it looks like we’ll still have to wait and see.

(btw – my sister is in NYC today and totally saw How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying. She got me a Playbill and managed to get John Larroquette’s autograph for me. She got Daniel Radcliffe’s – jealous! – but I dig Larroquette. Night Court was the shit, man.)

Hmmm…. what else?

I did not make much headway on the job hunt today. That will be an ever-continuing process, though. And I have weird work hours this week, so I can squeeze in the job hunt around those.

There was a lot of ping ponging today (it was sooooooooo nice out) and some rehearsal time. I did laundry, called Robin, ordered a DCST shirt to wear at the concert in August. I need to order another pair of sunglasses… I’ll do that when I’m done posting this. I don’t know whether I’m going to get another pair of Darren Criss sunglasses, or some pink StarKid ones (I have navy ones, but they don’t go with as many outfits as I thought the would… but they will be good for winter b/c they’ll match my scarf). Decisions, decisions.

Well… I am actually off to read. I didn’t get much sleep last night b/c I didn’t get home until after 12:30 from babysitting and then I was up for a long time reading b/c I couldn’t fall asleep. So, I’ll read tonight until my sister calls (she’s seeing Catch Me if You Can right now and was going to call after the show was over… I’m super jealous she’s getting to see Norbert Leo Butz perform tonight.).

Have a good one!

So, I didn’t make any progress today on updating my resume or job hunting. I seriously will get to work on both these things this weekend, as I have the weekend off and I won’t have (m)any distractions.

Instead, I spent the day consuming popular culture and playing ping pong with my mom (and I totally won one of the games… woot woot).

I titled my post “back to the beginning(s)” because everything I watched today represented the start, or beginning, of something bigger than itself.

I woke up this morning in plenty of time to go to the 11:05 showing of X-Men: First Class. I was one of two females in attendance… (though, to be fair, I think there were maybe only 18 people in the whole theater).

X-Men: First Class was AWESOME. Now, I haven’t read any of the comic books, but I’ve seen X-Men, X-Men 2 and X-Men: The Last Stand a bajillion times apiece. (I also saw Wolverine… but I consider that to be one of the worst movies of all time and also not really important to the X-Men film series since it really only has to do with Logan/Wolverine and not really any of the other X-Men characters we were introduced to in the original trilogy…). And even though X-Men: First class is a prequel (or perhaps rather a reboot) of the series, and therefore was not restricted to go along with anything established in the original trilogy, it still felt like it was part of the series. And it “introduced” us to the characters we’re already super familiar with… but this new (for me) back story was completely fascinating, told in a fairly coherent and “believable” manner, and really set up some of the key players in the X-Men canon.

Since I don’t read the comics, I especially appreciated this movie because I was always interested in how Professor X and Magneto first came to meet, befriend each other, and then split off into opposing teams of mutants. I thought this film’s plot was great – albeit very, very historically inaccurate (at least I’m pretty sure that mutants had nothing to do with the Cuban Missile Crisis πŸ˜‰ ). But I enjoyed seeing how the X-Men came to be, the beginnings of Cerebro, as well as the introduction of some pretty kickass X-Men.

I was way more invested in this film than I thought I was going to be. I won’t spoil anything for you, but it’s common knowledge that in the original trilogy, Professor X is in a wheelchair. In X-Men: First Class, he isn’t… but you totally find out how he gets put in one. And that scene (among others between Professor X and Magneto) really got to me… as it, it evoked real feelings from me. As in, I was on the edge of my seat and audibly said, “No!”.

James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender were PERFECTLY cast as Professor X and Magneto, respectively. Their on-screen chemistry was really brilliant and both are very, very capable dramatic actors and that really enhanced their performances in this film. And I really liked Jennifer Lawrence (Mystique) and Nicholas Hoult (Beast) too. Very fine young actors… also good casting.

I walked away from the movie super content with how it turned out. I also wondered to myself why Michael Fassbender and Christian Bale have never been cast as brothers in anything yet… they totally look alike and both are amazing actors.

After the movie, I drove around the mall to the DSW (almost getting hit twice by idiotic drivers on the way… geez). Though I saw lots of cute shoes, I was not about to pay $30 for wedges when I just got some for $8. So, maybe in a few weeks they’ll be more on sale.

I got home to find my parents in the backyard trying to fix our pond pump (success!). I hadn’t eaten lunch, so I went inside and munch on a pulled barbequed beef and coleslaw sandwich (don’t knock it till you try it). I popped in a Glee DVD and watched the first half of “Never Been Kissed” (Season 2, episode 6). I watched the episode up through “Teenage Dream” but then stopped to play some ping pong with my mom.

This episode of Glee, though not technically at the beginning of the series, was a huge beginning for me, because it was the first episode that Darren Criss was on as Blaine Anderson, and this epically amazing guest-star casting introduced me to StarKid as well as Darren Criss’s solo music projects. So, because of this one little episode, I now have 13+ hours of his music on my iPod, 10+ hours of various Glee and StarKid videos on my iPod, drove hundreds of miles to see StarKid perform in person, and is the reason I went to see Glee Live a couple weeks ago in Minneapolis.

Besides being completely entertained by all the music, television, video and live theater stuff, I’m also super inspired by Criss and the rest of the members of StarKid. I appreciate their talents, really respect their “let’s put on a show” attitude, and am super impressed by the amount of creativity and artistic abilities of these people.

So, every time I watch the “Never Been Kissed” episode of Glee, I am reminded of all of this and I smile/am thankful for the whole world of new stuff to which it introduced me. Plus, “Teenage Dream” is pretty much one of my most favorite Glee performances ever. I mean, how can you not absolutely love this?:

After Glee, I ping ponged with my mom… we only played 4 games, but I totally won one of them! Woot! Then my mom had to help my dad fix something in the garden, so I went inside to get on my computer. Instead of working on resume/job hunt stuff, I had to look at something to do with my current job. They sent me this CD and left a bunch of messages on my phone saying as an employee, I had to fill out something on our employee website. So, i spent a good chunk of time trying to decipher everything, only to find that I really didn’t have to do anything because I’m not getting any benefits from the company.

Later tonight, after dinner and stuff, I decided to watch Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. I totally watched Deathly Hallows Part I last week, but I wanted to rewatch the entire series from the start in preparation for Deathly Hallows Part II.

I don’t even remember the last time I watched Sorcerer’s Stone. It must have been when I was in undergrad. It’s my least favorite of the films, and it’s hard to watch because the latter films are so much more superior (Prisoner of Azkaban is still my favorite, though… mostly b/c Lupin is my favorite Defense Against the Dark Arts professor…).

But, even though I haven’t seen Sorcerer’s Stone in forever, I still remember all of the dialogue, and found myself chiming in with the lines before the characters had a chance to spit them out.

Also, it was easy to remember everything because I’ve watched and rewatched A Very Potter Musical and A Very Potter Sequel a bunch of times over the past 6 months or so (thank you, StarKid!) and a lot of the plot/dialogue is similar.

I am a huge HP fan, and have been since undergrad. I bought books 1-4 and was hooked… enough so that I went to midnight releases for books 5-7, have seen all of the films in theaters (often more than once), have all the movies on DVD or Blu-ray, have an HP shirt and scarf, and desperately want to go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter down in Florida. I need a wand and some butterbeer. Obviosuly. πŸ™‚

Though I have been a fan of HP since undergrad, it was actually my brother who got me to the see the first movie. At the time, I didn’t even know what or who Harry Potter was. But, my brother had read the book and asked to see the movie when it came out, so my mom took my siblings and I to see it. I wasn’t hooked on Potter until the second movie (my friend, Danielle, and I made Dueling Club shirts to wear to the theater… I ended up making shirts for movies 2-5… the shirts for 3-5 are actually quite good, if I do say so myself… the Dueling Club shirt is pretty elementary when compared to the others.). But, I have been a fan ever since… and I’m gonna be super sad to see the series end with Deathly Hallows Part II.

But, I’ll always have the books, the movies, and the StarKid musicals… so it’s not like Harry Potter will ever really end. And that’s comforting πŸ™‚

Well, I’m off to read, actually… not HP, though Deathly Hallows is lying next to my bed right now.

Have a good one!

So, it got up to 103 degrees today here in the Twin Cities. To that I say, “Buh-WHAT?!”

I wasn’t outside for a long period of time today, and luckily it was super windy. I didn’t realize it was over 100 degrees today until I was watching the news during dinner.

It was a semi-productive day, but not really.

I woke up around 8:30 and crawled upstairs for some breakfast. My mom and I decided to see the 10:55 showing of The Hangover Part II (as my mom did not like my other two options – Thor or X-Men: First Class).

After breakfast I went back down to my room to try and get some computer stuff done before we left. A bit into my computer stuff, my mom came to my room and told me there was a baby robin in our water garden. I quickly shut down my computer and ran upstairs to the deck… sure enough, there was the most adorable chubby baby robin sitting in a potted plant in the middle of our water garden.

For the next 10 minutes or so, my mom and I (she with a shovel, me with a trowel), went around various parts of our yard to dig up some worms to feed the baby robin. We collected a fair few and went back to the deck so my mom could feed the little guy (girl?). The baby robin was sooooooooo cute taking the worms out of my mom’s fingers. He was so hungry! We didn’t know if we should try and get him (her?) out of the water garden, so we left him/her there while we went to the movie and hoped that he/she would be there when we got back.

So, The Hangover II was pretty horrible. Which is a total shame because the first one was sooooooooooo good. Sooooooooo good. Sure it was crass, but it was funny as hell.

The sequel – not as such. There were a few funny parts. Most of those parts were the same ones they showed us over and over again in the trailer.

The plot was similar (upcoming wedding, Phil/Stu/Allen have one f**cked-up night and lose someone and have to retrace their steps to (1) figure out what happened and (2) find their missing person before the wedding), but the level of quality comedy was seriously lacking.

I am all for crass humor. But I am also all for a decent plot. And this movie’s plot was just not on par with the first one. I cannot stress enough how disappointing it is when a good movie has a sequel that doesn’t live up said original good movie.

When we got home from the meh movie this afternoon, we checked on our robin friend. He/she was still in the water garden, but his/her mama was on the deck railing. So, we were super glad he/she was still alive, and we were glad that the mama was trying to feed her baby. But, we also knew we had to get the baby robin out of the water garden because he wasn’t able to fly out on his/her own. I grabbed a shoe box and my mom filled it with newspaper. We went out on the deck and she went to get him/her out of the water garden, and the baby robin flipped out, as did the mama robin. My mom got the baby robin out, but instead of getting him/her into the box, he/she squirmed his/her way out of my mom’s hands and onto the deck… then hopped down the deck stairs and scooted into one of our gardens. The mama robin almost attacked my mom. There was lots of angry robin sounds and it got a bit scary there for a bit. My mom and I went back inside and looked out through the living room windows. The mama robin hung out in a tree for awhile, but we weren’t able to see the baby robin again the rest of the day. Hopefully he/she is okay.

Once all the baby robin excitement died down, I put on some Starship while I ate lunch. While it’s not my favorite StarKid production (I think that honor goes to A Very Potter Sequel, closely followed by A Very Potter Musical), I still love it a lot. I listen to the soundtrack all the time. And now that I have the DVD, I can watch it whenever I want πŸ™‚

After lunch, I went back to my room (which is thankfully the coolest room in the house) to try and work on my resume and start a job hunt.

Job hunting is daunting. I don’t know what I want to do or where I want to do it at. All the jobs I was looking at were in New York or California. And a lot of the jobs I saw listed were ones that started immediately. How is this supposed to work? I’ll be applying for jobs likely all over the country, but there is pretty much no way I can start anything immediately because I live in the middle of the country. My eye has been twitching like whoa for a few days, so I’m already way stressed about this job hunt and I only just got started. Should I just move somewhere and *then* find a job? Or should I just apply to a bunch of places and hope that someone will be forgiving in the fact that I am super far away for the time being, and it’s not possible to start a job the very next day because I live so far away from everything. Bah

Also Bah is I checked my DARS (Ohio University’s weird way of keeping track of courses you take and is a way to monitor if you are on track to graduate on time) to see what my GPA was so I could put that on my resume. Well, my GPA is 3.804 (not too shabby, I guess.. my lowest cumulative GPA ever, but I can deal with it), but my DARS indicated that I had not yet completed my Journalism Capstone Component (i.e. my thesis). And, as we all know – I totally completed my thesis last week. I got my email from the Thesis and Dissertation people that said I was done with my TAD process.

So, a little red flag went off in my mind… graduation is this friday. (I’m not physically going, but I’m still supposed to be graduating.) I finished all my classes. I finished all my requirements. I finished my thesis. But, since my DARS doesn’t say that I finished it, will I still be able to graduate on Friday? I’m thinking yes, but I emailed the contact person just in case. I have had so much thesis drama, I really would appreciate if something went my way, thesis-wise, for once.

My resume-fixing and job-hunting will continue on Thursday, as I have to work all day tomorrow. Hopefully by thursday, all the graduation stuff will be sorted out too.

In the meantime, I’m watching The Voice. I like this show a lot… it’s nice to hear real singers, as opposed to people who are digitally enhanced like a lot of artists are these days. I still don’t quite understand the rules to this show, but I do enjoy the judges (Adam Levine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and I like a bunch of the contestants. Tonight was the first live show, and I loves that the judges opened with a Queen medley. Damn, Adam Levine on guitar is the bees knees…

Well, I’m gonna keep watching the show.

Have a good one!