Once again I am sitting on my bed with a sleeping Moose next to me (only taking up 1/2 the bed this time) and Yukon is laying down on the floor at the side of the bed. It’s nice to be surrounded by dogs… makes me feel safe. I’m pretty sure Yukon would eat somebody for me, if it ever came to that. 🙂

I plan on getting back to work on my thesis proposal tomorrow. I hope to finish another section (at least) of my lit Review.

So, even though I am still epically tired (I haven’t slept well in awhile… hopefully tonight will change that), the battery on my computer is charged (we’ve got 2+ hours left of juice) and I promised some pop culture opinions…

Where to start? How about at the end… work our way back. I’ll try not to spoil any plot lines…

Art School Confidential – I just started watching this tonight. I have about 40 minutes left. I like Max Minghella, though every time I see him I think of his dad and how much I am sad that he is now deceased. Anthony Minghella was one of my favorite film directors of all time… sadness. Anyway, I started watching this b/c it was labeled an Independent Comedy and I knew that Adam Scott is in it. Scott plays another douchebag (see also Step Brothers), which is a shame because he’s at his best when he is the likable underdog (see Party Down). This isn’t laugh out loud funny, but I like it because it’s about an art school and I like art.

Living ’til the End – In all honesty, I totally only watched this because Sean Maher (Simon from Firefly/Serenity) was in it and I find him very attractive. This was not the best movie ever by any means, but it had its moments of okay-ness. The plot was a bit meh (guy is told by a psychic that he will die on his next birthday, so he lives life in fear of death, then meets girl who is all about living life to the fullest…), and I was not a huge fan of the woman who played Audrey, but I didn’t hate it. Tha’s probably overly harsh, but I don’t feel the need to see this again. But Sean Maher is still way good looking. There’s no denying that…

Dexter Season Four – Yep, I watched all 12 episodes within 48 hours. I friggin’ LOVE this show. Season Four was solid. I knew what the very last scene of the finale was well in advance (thank you Internet spoilers, as well as all the entertainment magazines I read… blah), but it was super interesting to see how they got there. There were a handful of plot lines or scenes where I let out an audible “WHAT?!” and I so wish that Season Five was out on DVD already and I could find out what happens next in the life of Dexter Morgan. Michael C. Hall is such a brilliant actor and was perfectly cast as Dexter… I’ve said it before and I will keep saying it, but his voice is beyond spot-on for all the voice over and internal monologue that he does for his character. And he’s so freakin’ manly… even though most of the other characters (like Quinn, etc…) write Dexter off as a geek, Hall balances out the science and technical aspects of Dexter with a very manly and authoritative way of carrying himself. I hope Season Five further explores the relationship between Dexter and his sister, in addition to his relationship with his children. I was really digging John Lithgow as the Trinity Killer… it was great to see him doing some more dramatic plot lines than the comedic ones I’m used to seeing him in (3rd Rock from the Sun and Broadway’s Dirty Rotten Scoundrels). Also, I think Quinn is an interesting character… I feel there is a lot of wiggle room with him with regards to making him a good guy or a bad guy. Though, I kind of like how he sort of floats between the two… you’re rooting for him and against him at the same time. His character also has a dodgy family background, and I think that will play a part of his story in the next season. (Also, props to the wardrobe department for Quinn’s shirts… the blues and greens go very well with Desmond Harrington’s eyes…)

The Brothers Bloom – I’m so glad I finally saw this movie, as I am a fan of Mark Ruffalo, Adrien Brody and Rachel Weisz. Was Brody’s character named Bloom Bloom? I think it was… Anyway, I loved how the characters of Bloom and Stephen dressed like they were from another time but it seemed to take place in the present. That was really unique. I also loved the brotherly dynamic between Ruffalo and Brody… both are super talented actors and it was great to see them do a film together. Ruffalo played a great showman, while Brody has the amazing ability to convey all sorts of emotions in his quietest/non-verbal scenes (see also The Pianist). I thought the ending was great… though I had a hunch his shirt was going to turn brown. “Tastes like tinfoil.”

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip – I finally finished the show! On a whole I enjoyed it, though it got waaaaaaaay overly dramatic in the last several episodes. I didn’t like how there were no physical repercussions of Matthew giving up his pills cold turkey (No withdrawal? Come on!). And all of the plot lines wrapped up way too neatly. *And* I thought that Sarah Paulson (Harriet Hayes) overdid it with the Holly Hunter accent. I’m sure the writers were the ones to overkill it… and it was a solid accent, but it got way old way fast. Same with the Juliet Lewis impressions. It made Harriet seem like a two-note performer. And I thought Harriet was a singer who could act? Then how come she really only sang in one episode? I did like the working/friend relationship between Danny and Matthew (even though I still am not a fan of Bradley Whitford… I don’t think I ever will be). I also liked the Matthew/Harriet relationship… their ups and downs. I was rooting for them, but was glad that they each held their ground with regards to their religious opinions and whatnot. I also really, really liked Nate Corddry as Tom Jeter. Why hasn’t this guy had a bigger career by now? He was so good in those K&R episodes… man tears are either done poorly or just right. And Corddry’s were beyond just right… they were downright heartbreaking.

Glee Season One Volume 2 extras – LOVED THEM! I dug the behind-the-scenes making of the Madonna episode. But I really, really loved the “Making of a Showstopper” bit when they showed you how the “Bohemian Rhapsody” number got put together – Jonathan Groff!!!!!!!!!! I love how he is just a natural when it comes to the choreography. In a way, he’s kinda like Gene Kelly… able to make dancing a very natural and graceful, yet incredibly masculine action.

Glee – “Theatricality” – I rewatched this episode (well, I rewatched a lot of them, but let’s focus on this one…) and I love the “Bad Romance” number. But the standout scene in this episode is the one among Finn, Kurt and Burt. It’s so powerful… all three actors handled this extremely touchy and vulnerable material very well.

(btw – I am BEYOND excited for Glee to start back up again on Tuesday!!!!!!!!!!)

Well, I am off to sleep. Gotta rest up to work on thesis junk tomorrow.

Don’t forget, LOTs of season premieres this week… check your local listings 🙂

Have a good one

P.S. Jon Hamm is hosting SNL on October 30th. WOOT!!

So, a big recap of stuff is still to come… my eyes are shutting as I’m typing this, and I have a feeling that it’s going to be an early morning tomorrow. So, I promise… in the next few days, there will be a recap of my opinions of Studio 60, some more of my thoughts on Season One of Glee (yeah, I’ve watched every extra possible on my Volume 2 set… and then a few episodes again), and just an update of stuff that’s been going on.

But to answer a looming question – No, I didn’t do any thesis work today. And Iikely won’t do any until Sunday or Monday.

What I did do today was run a bunch of errands with my mom. I now have Dexter Season Four in my possession and will be watching that in its entirety over the next few days 🙂

I also went with my mom to a function for my dad… it was some “meet the Superintendent” cookout. I’ve already met the Superintendent… he’s my dad (duh), but it was good to go out and support him and whatnot. Meet some of the people he works with and meet some supporters of the park. It was friggin’ chilly! Since I’m not from around here, weather in the 60s feels chilly to me compared to the 80s that it was when I was visiting my sister in Kansas.

Tonight I finally watched the season finale of Grey’s Anatomy. I had read recaps, so I knew what happened. But, it was good to finally see it… well, it wasn’t “good”. I don’t think that show is all that great. But seeing the finale does bring with it some closure. I like to see my television seasons through.

I also saw on Facebook that tornados went though the area of southeast Ohio where I used to love/go to school. I hope all of my friends who are still there are all right… that must have been super scary. I feel bad because that area of the state is pretty poor. The University does all right, but the surrounding areas are not the most financially well-off places in Ohio. I saw photos of trailers that were ripped up and destroyed. I just hope everyone is okay.

Tomorrow morning I have to go into work for a few hours to fill out paperwork and do some computer training. I was told I didn’t need to dress in the dress code until the 25th, but the paper I already got says I need to wear professional attire… Hmmmmm…. Well, we’ll see tomorrow what I end up wearing.

Okay, I’m super tired. I’m not even going to read, that’s how zonked I am 😦

I hope you have a good one!

Well, I made it back to MN in one piece…

(This will be a short post as I am super sleepy.)

I woke up around 7:15 and got the rest of my stuff together before I left my sister’s apartment. WHen she left around 7:45, I walked her down to her car and put a load of stuff in my own vehicle. We hugged goodbye as a huge clap of thunder sounded above us. I knew I had to get out of Kansas ASAP if I didn’t want to be caught in an epic thunderstorm.

I managed to pull out of the apartment complex’s parking lot at 8:00 on the dot. In addition to thunder, there was lightning and massive amounts of rain drops had started to fall… I hate driving in the rain, especially in a spot where I’m not familiar with driving around. I made it out of Lawrence with Daniel (my GPS) only yelling “Recalculating!” a few times. I got my ticket and went to merge onto another section of the highway and almost got demolished by a semi. It was raining and foggy and the highway had two lanes and I didn’t see any lights in either lane… so of course when I went to merge, the ginormous semi seemed to come out of nowhere and sped past me in the very lane I was trying to merge onto. Why didn’t the driver go into the left lane when there were signs everywhere that people needed to merge? Oh well… at least I didn’t get crushed by the semi.

The drive went okay… I was super tired but figured if I kept singing and snacking on gum drops and cheese-flavored Chex Mix I would be okay. And I was… but those last couple hours were making me sleepy. So I just sang louder… I made it through 6 of my Broadway mixes, 2 pop mixes and 2 Glee-mixes. And I had plenty more where that all came from 🙂

Even though Minneapolis traffic was bonkers, I made it to my house around 3:33… excellent. When I finally made it into the house, I was greeted by my mom and two dogs. My dogs are the cutest… they were sniffing all my stuff and jumping up to give me kisses (even Yukon, who is super old and doesn’t jump much anymore). After two trips, I got all my stuff from my car into my room.

Mom and I opted for pizza for dinner to go along with our last 2 episodes of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. When I am less tired/more able to collect my thoughts, I will delve further into my overall feelings about the show. But, I will say now (write now?) that Nate Corrdry (Tom Jeter on the show) deserves to be more well-known than he is. He was really great on that show and handled his dramatic plot line very, very well.

After Studio 60, we watched the season premiere of Survivor (love Jeff Probst!), last season’s finale of Modern Family (love that whole program!!) and the “Theatricality” episode of Glee (I will expand on the gloriousness of that episode probably tomorrow… I. Love. Burt Hummel).

And now it’s time for sleep!

Have a great day 🙂

I woke up in the middle of the night last night because I was too hot. So, I took off my socks and then tried to absorb whatever coolness I could from the wood paneled wall that is smack up against my bed. I then tried to fall back asleep by clearing my mind of worry about thesis junk and whatnot by playing a version of my alphabet game. This time I was going through the alphabet and for each letter trying to think of a celebrity I found attractive, as well as someone who I knew in person who I found attractive over the years… and when I got to “H” I started having problems. I could list several “H” celebrities… Harrison Ford, Hugh Dancy, Hunter Parish. But then I couldn’t think of any person I knew in person whose name started with an H. After awhile I wasn’t even trying to think up a guy’s name anymore, I was just trying to think if I knew anyone whose name started with an H. And instead of my alphabet game helping me fall asleep, I was up for awhile trying to come up with “H” names. I looked around on Facebook today and saw that I had 2 or 3 friends whose names started with H. But if my life depended on it last night, I would not have been able to come up with H names… sadness. (For the record, I don’t have any friends or know people named Henry, Harry or Hannah… but I totally forgot about people named Heather. Ridonkulous!)

I did finally get back to sleep and I woke up this morning and my mom and I watched another episode of Studio 60 with breakfast. Then she asked me if I was ready for ping-pong… I had to say yes.

I changed into some ping-pong clothes (OU sweatpants and t-shirt, obviously) and got a Glee-mix out of my CD binder. We must have played 7 or 8 games… and I won 3 of them!!!!!

I beat my mom in ping-pong once with my left hand and twice with ye olde right hand. I’m surprised I didn’t wake up the neighbors, I was whooping with glee (Glee!) so loud. And that left-handed game, I was down 11-1 and I came back to win 21-19 (or something like that). Victory tasted good… and it was extra sweet when I defeated my mom while my dad was watching later on, because he was cheering for her. Mwuhahahahaha 🙂

After ping-pong we got pizza for lunch and watched some of the US Open (Tennis!!! We loves watching tennis!).

I changed out of my ping-pong clothes into normal people clothes and headed over to Molly J’s house (when I left, my parents were playing ping-pong… I live in a crazy house).

Once there, we chatted and played some board games 🙂 We played a game I had never heard of called Wreck the Nation… what a depressing game! I don’t want to believe that all of the facts on the game cards are true, but I think they are… yikes! Then we played some Balderdash… that’s a great game! I love vocabulary words 🙂

Then she showed me her Etsy page and the ADORABLE little worry dolls she makes 🙂 Check them out!!!

So, as you can tell, I didn’t work on school work again today. I plan on doing some Lit Review stuff tomorrow and this week. I promise. I do want to get my thesis proposal defended before the end of Fall Quarter. I know I need to be working on it, but I have to do that during the morning or early afternoon because then some epic headaches set in and I can’t focus or look at the computer for the amount of time I need to. Blah!

When I got home from Molly’s, my mom and I watched another episode of Studio 60. She’s really digging it, and I like it a lot, but the cheese factor has risen exponentially. And Harriet is a freakin’ nut job! Yikes

Well, speaking of nut jobs, I’m going to read some more of my Dexter book! I can totally head Michael C. Hall’s voice in my head when I read the books… awesome. I still like the show better, but this will tide me over till I get Season Four!

Have a good one!

So, the truck full of furniture didn’t come today… there was storms last night which delayed the truck’s arrival. Truck-o-furniture will be delivered tomorrow. So, that should be exciting.

This morning while my parents were at a breakfast date is when I fielded the call from the truck guy about the delivery for tomorrow. I also watched the second episode of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. I really liked the episode, which kinda upsets me for personal reasons.

But, overlooking my wish to hate this show, there was this really great moment between Matthew Perry and Sarah Paulson’s characters (these characters recently broke up, btw):

Harriet: I got a laugh at the table read when I asked for the butter in the dinner sketch. I didn’t get it at the dress. What did I do wrong?
Matt: You asked for the laugh.
Harriet: What did I do at the table read?
Matt: You asked for the butter.

Now, I’m not a huge fan of Matthew Perry on a whole, but his delivery of the line “You asked for the butter.” was pretty much one of the more brilliant line-deliveries I can remember from episodic television because he just kind of threw it away. The scene is in this clip around 2:30… I tried to find this scene on youtube (I didn’t look very long, so I’m sure it is there) because I think other people should see it. I can’t get over how great that moment was.

The rest of the day was dedicated to Yahtzee, ping-pong (I lost every game) and watching four more episodes of Dexter. Season Three is super interesting… Michael C. Hall is brilliant as always, but the character of Dexter is really evolving. I can’t wait to finish this season and move on to Season Four!!!!

This is going to be a super short entry because Saturday Night Live starts up in a few minutes… it’s the rerun of the Zach Galifianakis episode!!!! Sooooo good!

Have a great rest of the weekend!

(seriously, i will link out to stuff at some point soon. I promise!)