I’m sitting in our living room watching the All-Star game. Both my father and I our on our respective laptops (I’m a Mac, he’s a PC…) and Moose is sleeping at my feet. It’s pretty much a great place to be right now πŸ™‚

I ended up waking up way earlier than normal this morning, though by time I dragged myself upstairs to greet the day, my dad had just left for work. The living room was dark, but I saw both dogs wagging their tails and seeming happy to see me. Of course they were happy to see me – I’m the one who feeds them πŸ™‚

I fed them breakfast and chopped up a couple bananas for myself (yes, I eat the same thing pretty much every morning for breakfast…). I took the dogs outside and let them blow off some steam before I herded them indoors.

I fed the fish/snails/leeches, then poured my granola and sat down to watch Pushing Daisies. Although this all must seem like a boring routine to you, I like my mornings like this. I’m not a morning person, so only talking to dogs is pretty nice. When my sister and I lived together and crossed paths in the morning, we’d each make a groaning sound acknowledging each other’s presence, and then yell “bye!” when the other one left. That’s all we needed… it worked for us.

I finished one episode of Pushing Daisies and started another one, then got down to business. Shower, emails, apartment hunting, etc… The nice lady from the apartment I checked out today called and reminded me of my afternoon appointment. Yes, ma’am.

I finished another episode of Pushing Daisies with lunch, then let the dogs outside to play a bit. I then gathered my purse and GPS and headed out the door.

Since I Google-mapped where I was going, I knew which streets I was supposed to be taking. My GPS, Daniel (he’s British…), suggested two alternate routes before he finally got the gist of what route I was determined to use. While driving, I got two phone calls and two text messages. My phone was in my purse, as I rarely talk on the phone while driving, and I never text while I’m driving, so I waited until I parked at my location before seeing who I missed. The calls were from my sister – she and my mom were on a Ferry and wanted to kill some time. The texts were from Matt (my friend from grad school, not the guy we went shooting with yesterday) – he started watching Weeds and was letting me know that my favorite character (Andy) has finally appeared and that there was some good joke involving a coffee table. Good times πŸ™‚

At 1:00, I met a kind man outside of the apartment complex and he showed me a room. It was exactly like the youtube video on their website, so I wasn’t super surprised about anything. I’m always nervous around strangers, so I basically ran my mouth the whole time. I’m weird – I either am dead silent, or yap like crazy (you should have seen me during my driving test back in Indiana… I talked through the whole thing. I can only drive while listening to music, and I wasn’t allowed to have my radio on, so I just kept talking… it was pretty bad. The talking, not the driving. I passed on my first try – woot.)

After that, I drove to a Super Target as I needed some caffeinated soda and snacks for my road trip on Friday. While at the Target, I called my sister back and we chatted for awhile. A good sister-to-sister chat. Though I only bought snacks for the trip, I wanted to buy a bajillion things in there. And by a bajillion things, I mean a bunch of DVDs and a Ninja Turtles shirt that I thought was adorable.

I got home and let the dogs outside and gave them treats. I tried to get Moose to “speak,” but she doesn’t know that command. Yukon does, though, because she is a champion.

(Okay – so I gave up on the game… it was 0-1 (AL) and there was a pitching change in the Bottom of the 6th. I’m now sitting on my bed next to Iron Man Buddy and am going to try and type the rest of this out pronto so I can get to sleep…)

Where was I?

Oh yes, I got home and played with the dogs a bit because I love them so πŸ™‚ Growing up, there was usually at least two dogs around all the time. So I am taking full advantage of spending time with my dogs after being away at school or whatnot since 2002.

We all settled down and watched another episode of Pushing Daisies. I then did the dishes because that was the right thing to do… I called Robin and left a message and then sat down to check my email. Mere minutes later my phone rang – it was Robin!!

We chatted for almost an hour – once again solving life’s mysteries, talking about thesis stuff and planning some hang-out time when I’m back in Ohio soon πŸ™‚ I can’t wait to see friends!!

My dad came home and so Robin and I said goodbye. I suggested ribs and salad for dinner – my dad concurred that that was an excellent plan. Though instead of firing up the grill, we had an epic father-daughter chat that resulted in me bursting into tears (*not* his fault) and him scolding me after I told him I basically have two worthless degrees and am paranoid about not finding a job and becoming an epic failure. He got a bit mad when I told him that I thought I was unimportant in the grand scheme of things. I feel like I am a huge burden to my parents sometime – like I somehow failed them (they both tell me this is not true). I was the super smart kid with the good grades and college scholarships. And now look at me… two degrees down (almost – damn you, thesis!), a resume full of odd jobs, a checking account full of college loan money, and I’m living at home with my parents. But it’s not even my home… I never lived here growing up (my parents moved here 3 years ago). My head spins daily with confusion of what I want to be when I grow up and whether I’m ever going to amount to what I thought I was supposed to amount to. (I surely hope this throbbing feeling in my head right now is just from me trying to hold back Round 2 of tears and not the god-awful stress-induced tension headaches I had back in high school….)

So yeah… it was a good talk in the sense that my dad and I tried to work some stuff out about the coming months. But it still left me a bit shaken. This did not come as a surprise, though, as it was basically the dad-version of the same talk I had with my sister a bit earlier in the day. My entire family is rooting for me to succeed – just another reason why I am super lucky to have been raised by my parents and be surrounded by my siblings. My family kicks ass.

After much consideration, I sat down at my computer and tried to type out an email to my BFF. I just checked to see if there was a response, and so far there wasn’t. Hopefully I’ll get to talk to her on the phone sometime tomorrow.

I fed the dogs and let them out. Then after all these shenanigans, my dad decided it was time to grill. I was in charge of making salads. I make up for my epic lack of grilling skills with my amazing salad creations. Spinach, pickle, tomato, cucumber, broccoli, crushed roasted almonds and pecans, cheese… ooooooh snap. Too bad we were out of strawberries, as those are so good on a salad as well.

We kicked back and watched the news. My sister called again because she saw a sign that said “Alien Skoots”. That’s only funny to us, so I won’t even try and explain why. We laughed, then she passed her phone to my mom so I could say hi. Oh my mom, I can’t wait to see you (and Sarah) next week πŸ™‚

And now we circle back to the beginning of the post where I put on the All-Star game and got on my computer to start typing this…

Tomorrow I am planning to do chores around the house and watch more episodes of Pushing Daisies and my Netflix movie. I already made a list of what i need to do (mostly laundry and vacuuming the living room and stairs), so I hope to get that done so I can watch my show and *maybe* do some thesis notes. (Blah)

Have a mucho fantastic whatever time of day you are reading this!

Totally watching television for the next couple hours. I don’t care if you judge – the “Vitamin D” episode of Glee is on, and NBC is showing 6 episodes of Community (including my favorite two episodes thus far, Modern Warfare and Physical Education)!

Too bad Community didn’t get any Emmy nominations this morning… I felt so bad for Joel McHale. He had to read the noms this morning and his show didn’t get nominated for anything, whereas his co-presenter, Sofia Vegara of Modern Family, was able to publicly celebrate as her show, herself and four of her co-stars were nominated.

(btw – On Glee, the guys just did the “It’s My Life/Confessions Part II” mashup… my favorite part of the episode! Every time I’m listening to Glee in the car and I hear this mashup, I can totally do all of the dance/hand moves… I friggin’ love it!)

So, yes, Emmy nominations… I was soooo happy that Glee got 19 nominations – the most of any comedy or drama series. The Pacific miniseries got 24 nods, but I didn’t get through all 10 episodes, so I kinda don’t care. (Sorry!) With regards to Glee, I was super happy that Matthew Morrison, Lea Michele, Jane Lynch, Chris Colfer, Neil Patrick Harris, Mike O’Malley and Kristin Chenoweth all got nominated! I was especially happy about Chris Colfer and Mike O’Malley, though I was surprised O’Malley’s nomination wasn’t for “Theatricality,” but for “Wheels”. Although, he’s awesome in every episode he’s in, so I’m just pumped he got nominated! 30 Rock also got a lot of nominations… I was glad to see once again Jon Hamm got nominated for Best Guest Actor in a Comedy Series. Jon Hamm as Dr. Drew Baird = pure gloriousness. I was also super happy for all the nominations for Modern Family. Yay for Sofia Vergara, Julie Bowan, Ty Burrell, Eric Stonestreet and Jesse Tyler Ferguson!!!!!! Everyone on that show is so great, I’m glad most of the cast was recognized πŸ™‚ (Poor Ed O’Neill…)

Okay, enough spouting on about my love of television (though, side note, I finished Season 5 of Weeds… way to go Shane!). I did do some school work today. I read 4 1/2 articles and took over 2 pages of notes. I read a really great article today that was saying how it’s important to understand American history and culture when learning about film history and that films don’t just reflect American history, but they are their own history. Nice!

Besides working on school work, I managed to watch probably an hour and a half of videos on youtube… I didn’t mean to get sucked into viral goodness for that long, but I couldn’t help it. I am pretty much obsessed with watching bootleg videos of (Off) Broadway productions, as well as Tony Awards performances from years past, as well as Cabaret acts of my favorite stage performers. So, I pretty much watched almost an hour of various Jonathan Groff performances… I can’t help it – I love him. I want him to be on more episodes of GleeJesse St. James needs to come back! Jonathan Groff might be one of the most adorable people on the face of the planet. He’s just so friggin’ cute and talented. And I love that he and Lea Michele are BFFs. And I saw both of them on Broadway in Spring Awakening a few years ago!!! And guess who else was on Broadway in Spring Awakening awhile after they left? Hunter Parrish! (i.e. Silas on Weeds) Not only is he friggin’ cute as well, but he can sing all right too.

My dad is out of town for the weekend, so I will have plenty of time to work on more school work, watch whatever movies/television I want, and go about business as per usual. Maybe I’ll venture out to the movie theater, though more than likely I won’t. Our street is under construction right now and it’s rough road even getting out of the driveway – yikes. Plus, I should really try and get as much school stuff done as I can since I will be headed out of town myself next weekend – (solo) road trip! I can’t believe that a week from tomorrow, I will by myself in my car for 15 hours again. It feels like I just did that… alas. At the end of the drive, I’ll get to sleep in my bed and next to my baseball bat.

(Now it’s time for the girl’s mashup on Glee! “Walking on Sunshine/Halo” – woot!)

And that’s all the news that’s fit to print, I think…

For those of you keeping track of my whacky health over the past few days – still drinking a lot more liquids than I normally do, but the amount has decreased since yesterday. My tongue, besides feeling super dry when I woke up, did not feel swollen at all today. (Thank goodness…) I still have to check my blood sugar. But I will live πŸ™‚

Have a great evening!

So, I woke up this morning and my tongue felt like it was too big for my mouth. It wasn’t physically swollen or anything, but it just felt like it was three sizes to wide toward the back of my mouth. I walked up the stairs to greet my dogs and feed them breakfast. I talk to my dogs (as most dog owners do), and I found myself repeating things to them just so I could feel out the words as they tumbled out of my mouth.

My dogs know several words and phrases and have specific reactions to said words and phrases. So when I said “Are you hungry? Do you guys want breakfast?” and they looked at me blankly, I wondered for a slit second if what I thought I said and what I actually said were two different things. So I repeated myself – slowly sounding out each work so I, and the dogs, understood what I was saying… Luckily for me they got the message and got all excited and ran into the kitchen. I seriously thought I was going crazy.

While they ate their dog food, I swung open the fridge door and grabbed my water bottle and started chugging. Seems besides the weird tongue feeling, I was still epically thirsty. Fan-friggin’-tastic.

I let the dogs outside, made myself some breakfast and watched Weeds while I planned out the rest of my day. I was so wigged out by the tongue and thirst mysteries that I opted to watch 2 episodes of Weeds with breakfast and made the executive decision to not work on any school work today. Probably not the smartest move to make, but there was no way I was going to be able to read overly verbose and freakishly boring scholarly articles and take coherent notes when I was worried about what was going on with my tongue and drinking problem.

My dad called and inquired how my morning was going. I told him about the tongue stuff and me being super thirsty. He was on his way to a meeting but said he would check in later.

Instead of working on school stuff, I looked for apartments. I spent a couple hours on Craigslist looking at potential places of residence. I found a number of places that looked tolerable. I will be comparing what I found with my BFF at the end of the week πŸ™‚

Still not able to do school work, I let the dogs out and gave them treats. I ate lunch and watched more Weeds. My mom called later – it was nice to hear stories from yesterday’s trip to the Houston Space Center! Mom gave the phone to my sister so she could walk me through paying one of her bills online for her. My sister has bronchitis or something close to it and it gets really bad when she laughs. My mom scolded me a bit (not meanly, mind you) because I was making Sarah laugh too much over the phone. I can’t help it – I like to make my family laugh πŸ™‚

I watched more Weeds, painted my nails and fed the dogs before my dad got home from work. I also drank 3 or 4 bottles of water and two cans of soda throughout the day. Ugh.

Even though I felt punky, I agreed to go with my dad to see some landscape architecture presentations from some U of M students down at the Mill City Museum (I heart museums). I’m socially awkward around strangers, so I did a lot of hand shaking and forced smiling when my dad introduced me to a bunch of people that I didn’t know. There was a couple there who I had met over Christmas, so it was nice to see familiar faces who I knew were nice people to converse with.

The presentations were pretty cool… although I couldn’t help but think that the work my brother has done is a bit awesomer (not a word, I know). See, my little brother is a graduate architecture student and does friggin’ sweet designs and stuff. So, the work I saw tonight was good. But (and perhaps I am biased), my brother’s stuff is great πŸ™‚

After the presentations, my dad drove me to U of M and we had dinner in Dinkytown. I was pleased to see two used bookstores physically within a couple hundred feet of each other. I freakin’ love used bookstores! Call me crazy, but I love holding books. Who wants to curl up in bed late at night with a Kindle when you can be holding a much-loved book?

Again, spending time with my dad is great. Of all my immediate family members, he’s the one I have seen the least over the past few years. So, I really am thankful for the amount of time I get to spend with him now. Eight years ago from yesterday was the day he fell off our roof and broke himself. I spent that entire summer (the summer before I went away to freshman year of college) in the living room next to his hospital bed – getting his medicine, getting his meals, watching movies with him, etc… When he got his hip replaced the following summer, I once again spent most of my time keeping him company. (I remember my mom practically forcing me to go see movies with some friends those summers. I didn’t want to leave the house because I felt guilty that my mom would have to take care of him all by herself.) What can I say, I’m a daddy’s girl.

We got home from our evening out and let the dogs outside. I called his brother and we chatted for awhile, then he talked to my dad for awhile. We watched a little bit of the Jake Gyllenhaal SNL from a few years ago, but both were super tired.

And that brings us to now… and I’m so tired I’m not even going to bother linking out to anything. I’ll read for a bit and then hopefully fall right to sleep and dream happy dreams about waking up tomorrow with a normal tongue and a normal amount of thirst. (Fear not, dear reader[s], my dad and I are going to check my blood sugar levels tomorrow to make sure something isn’t seriously wrong…)

Have a swell evening πŸ™‚

Don’t even bother asking – I didn’t get ANY school work done today.

However, I did put together a super successful cookout for a visiting National Park Superintendent, his mom and his two sons – so today was productive.

I woke up later than normal because I was having trouble sleeping last night (surprise, surprise). I fed the dogs, let them run around outside then watched the season finale of Season Two of Party Down while I ate breakfast (oh granola, how I love thee…). As mentioned several times before, Henry (Adam Scott) is my favorite character on the show and I am a big fan of his relationship with Casey (Lizzy Caplan). I thought they had some great moments with each other this episode, and (spoiler alert) it was really great to see Henry get excited about the role in Velour. If the show does run a third season, I wonder if Henry will get the role and that will be an excuse of why he’s not working at Party Down anymore… as I can’t imagine Adam Scott being able to be on Parks and Recreation *and* Party Down. Though that would be pretty awesome if he could do both shows at once…

Instead of reading articles for my thesis proposal, I spent the day doing chores – washing/drying the blankets that cover the furniture (we have dogs – things get hairy really quickly), washing dishes, making brownies, chopping vegetables, straightening the main floor of the house, vacuuming the foyer/steps/living room, etc… I managed to watch half of two separate episodes of Weeds Season Four during lunch and talk to my mom and sister as they had just finished their Alaskan cruise and were in Seattle (they are camping in Oregon tonight – like camping, camping… in a tent. That’s how we roll…)

My dad got home from work around 2, but then had to do a conference call from our living room. We finished getting the house ready and our guests arrived at 5:30.

(Cue the massive thunderstorm, complete with giant cracks of lightning… and heavy, heavy rain… and then the faint sound of what we assume was a tornado siren – though luckily no tornado!)

Now, those who know me best know that I am not a fan of children. The Superintendent had two boys – 13 and 11. They were nice kids and took a liking to Moose, so we had a good time playing catch with the dog, and the younger one described to me some sort of magic quest thing they had done in the Mall of America earlier that day.

I set out massive quantities of food and my dad grilled assorted meats. Assorted meats went over way better than the assortment of fresh vegetables that I had chopped up into fun size pieces… but now at least I will have my pick of vegetables for at least a week. Yay tomatoes and broccoli πŸ™‚

After dinner, I got the boys set up with our Wii – they played some World War II fighter pilot game while I cleared off all of the dinner food and set out an apple pie and the brownies I made earlier. I totally inherited my mom’s ability to put together a seemingly low-hassle get together – woot.

When the family left around 9, my dad and I let the dogs out then cleaned up the rest of the stuff from the gathering. We were done with all our chores and my dad finished washing all the dishes before 9:30. I’m thankful that we did everything tonight so we don’t have to wake up to a mess in the morning.

My dad and I are supposed to go fishing tomorrow – I hope the weather allows for that. Then we have plans to go see The A-Team and try out some Indian place on Sunday. Sounds like a fun weekend to me πŸ™‚ We’ll be getting Drag Me to Hell in the mail tomorrow through Netflix, so we’ll watch that at some point too. It’s supposed to be good – I hope it lives up to the hype.

I will get back to work on my school stuff on Monday. Theoretically I should be getting a lot of school work done next week. I need to stick to that plan…

Have a swell weekend