Well, well, well…

“So, Lord Helmet, at last we meet again for the first time for the last time.”

I couldn’t help it, it’s been a Bill Pullman quotin’ kind of day.

“Why?” you ask? Because it’s the freakin’ Fourth of July… you know, our Independence Day!

So, before we get to today, let’s recap yesterday (since I neglected to post…):

As my brother was still in town, of course I did not get any thesis proposal work done. Not a shocker. The three of us woke up, my dad made us breakfast and we finished watching District 9. What a great movie! Sharlto Copley was friggin’ awesome – it’s hard to believe that this was his first movie. Props to the cast and crew of District 9 – that was a well made film that really resonated with the themes of apartheid. Brilliant film… and I’m not even a fan of most movies with alien creatures, but I really liked this movie. (It’s an instant stream on Netflix – check it out!)

After the movie, we did some chores around the house (as in my brother mowed the lawn, my dad watered the gardens and I sat on the back deck and read my sister’s magazines that have come to our house… did you know that Ewan McGregor is in a 50s-inspired spread in Vogue – gorgeous!)

After that, my dad took us out to lunch and then to Wal-Mart so that he could pick up a pair of flip-flops that he can tie flies with, and Spud needed some foam stuff for something in his car. I just browsed the DVDs, as I usually do πŸ™‚ I did notice a particular title was now in the $5 dump bin and almost texted a friend regarding said title… but I stopped myself.

(Yep, I’m going to leave that story hanging…)

After running errands, we went back home to take care of the dogs. We popped in Eddie Murphy’s Delirious. Even though it was ridiculously hilarious, I fell asleep during the last 20 minutes and ended up napping on the couch for 2+ hours. As this is the second out of two times that this has happened the day after a fishing outing, I am going to hypothesize that copious amounts of sunlight for extended periods of time (plus the heat) has the ability to knock me out.

I woke up at 5:30 and fed the dogs. We then grilled out for dinner again – I chopped up a bunch of vegetables while Dad worked the grill and Spud watered the plants on the back deck. As it was too hot to dine alfresco, we brought everything inside and watched Hot Fuzz. I could probably watch that movie three times in a row and still laugh just as hard each time. Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are a delightful pair. I also love that Paddy Considine is doing comedy – he’s brilliant in so many dramas, that I am glad to see he is great in a humorous role as well. There are so many great parts and great quotes from that movie that it’s hard to peg favorites. I am quite partial to this part, though πŸ™‚

After the flick, Spud and I played Mario Kart on the Wii for a bit, but we were having trouble figuring out what was going on (oh battle mode, why couldn’t you be more like the Super NES version?). So, we ended up playing Yahtzee again. He won, but it was still fun, as Yahtzee always is.

It was late, so the three of us went to our respective rooms. I started reading Tracy Morgan’s “I am the New Black”. I always question how much the celebrities are actually involved with the writing process of these kinds of books. So far, though, I like it. He’s an interesting guy, and I’ve been a fan since his days on SNL.

Because of my epic nap last night, I had a really tough time falling asleep last night. Blah.

I dragged myself out of bed around 8:00 this morning and poured myself some granola. We turned on Wimbledon to see Nadal take down the Czech guy in three straight sets. I was rooting for Nadal since Federer was out. I love Wimbledon and have been watching it every summer since I can remember. I know I cheered for Agassi and Sampras when I was little, along with Stefi Graf and later the Williams sisters, Rodick and Federer. I suck at playing tennis, but boy I can watch the pros play for hours!

My brother left around 11:45 this morning so he could make it to East Troy, WI to see the Dave Matthews concert. I don’t know how many he’s been to, but I would say probably around 6 or 7… he’s a fan. I’m not a DMB fan, but when Spud told me that the Zac Brown Band was opening for them, I got a little jealous. I’m not a country music fan by any means, but I’ve seen the Zac Brown Band on a few awards shows now and I do appreciate their rendition of “The Devil Went Down to Georgia”… soooo good.

My dad and I watched part of the SNL Best of Commercial Parodies and then he went to fix the lawn mower while I was supposed to work on school stuff. I read 3 pages of an article and took, like, 4 sentences worth of notes. To celebrate him fixing the mower (he didn’t think he was going to be able to, but he totally did!), he took me out for dinner and errands (another pair of flip-flops to make more flies). We got home and finished the Parodies special while he tied flies. Moose was sleeping in my lap the whole time – it was nice.

Since summer television is crap (we don’t have cable), we opted to watch another movie… I offered up The Darwin Awards and my dad took the bait. I had seen it a few years ago and ended up buying the DVD a few weeks ago but hadn’t watched it. I’m glad he ended up liking it – we laughed a lot. Joseph Fiennes is no Ralph Fiennes when it comes to acting, but I love him anyway. Especially in Shakespeare in Loveswoon times infinity.

As it’s the Fourth of July, it was a pain trying to let the dogs out for a final time before I went to my room to type this out. Moose is okay with the loud noises of fireworks but is easily distracted by them. Yukon, on the other hand, is terrified of fireworks and the sounds they make, so she spazzed out and almost dragged me back onto the porch. I sat with her, pet her, and calmly tried to tell her that she was fine, and while her breathing slowed, she wouldn’t leave the porch. You can’t say that I didn’t try.

So, my dad has off from work tomorrow (Federal holiday b/c of the 4th being on a Sunday…). Right now our plans are fishing and buying tires and windshield wipers for my car. Because my sister had car troubles while on her trip, and I’m driving back to Ohio in a couple weeks, my dad wants me to have better tires on my car. He worries about us kids and I am lucky and thankful to have parents who are always on the lookout for their kids. My dad loves me and tells me that multiple times a day πŸ™‚ It makes a kid feel good.

I asked when he was going to take me target shooting… hopefully I’ll get to do that sometime in the coming weeks too. I haven’t shot a gun since I was in middle school, I think. So this will be interesting… I used to be a decent shot. Surely I will have gotten better with time, right? We shall see.

We heard from my mom and sister a lot over the past few days. I miss both of them, but am glad they get to spend all this time together. Even though I am super jealous about their epic road trip, I think it’s so cool that my mom got to do this! She spent 20-some years raising all of us, so she deserves to have some fun like this.

It is super adorable how much she calls my dad. And because the volume settings on my dad’s cell phone are whack, I can usually hear their entire conversation (if I’m in the room, that is). My parents are the cutest couple on the entire planet. They’ll be married for 29 years this August and I get a kick out of how much they love each other. It’s better than any romantic comedy you’ll ever watch. When my mom calls, she describes everything that she and my sister have been doing, and my dad will try and insert our activities into the conversation, but she just keeps talking. My dad chuckles and shakes his head, but he keeps listening. I can tell that he misses her like crazy, but I know that he is also super happy that she is on this adventure with my sister. I love my parents! (So, mental note for future husband – I know our marriage is not going to be a mirror image of my parents’ marriage, but if we love each other half as much as my parents do, then we are going to be super happy together πŸ™‚ )

And now I must get some rest… got a big day of not doing school work ahead of me. Fishing time!!

Hello there,

I’ll say that this will be a quick post, as I am super tired right now, but it’ll likely go on and on… I am verbose.

So, today was a great day. I got absolutely zero thesis proposal work done. But, you know what? I don’t care – I had a great day with my family. So, suck it, thesis proposal!

Yesterday I read one massive article (blah) and took a page of notes (woot) and then spent the rest of the morning/afternoon watering plants, doing laundry, washing dishes, and cleaning the downstairs bathroom. I also had two great phone calls with Robin and Molly J, so that was wonderful to talk to two of my favorite people πŸ™‚

My brother got to the house in the late afternoon – always excellent to see family! We hung out on the deck until our dad got home… nice. We all got into “play clothes” and walked over to a nearby park that has a tennis court. Unfortunately there was no net on said tennis court… though that may have been a good thing, as we would all have likely hit it into the net instead of over it – none of us had played in awhile. We volleyed for a bit, but it was super hot out and we all got pretty worn out fairly quickly. My brother had me laughing so hard I could barely hit the ball. He kept calling me “Cletus” – he said it was because I had six tennis balls shoved in my pockets. That makes zero sense, I know, but it was super funny.

We walked back to the house and I took care of the dogs, read a magazine and switched back and forth between Community and Glee while Dad and Spud (that’s what we call my brother – as in Slimer from Ghostbusters, not the potato) went to the grocery store and then to pick up some pizzas. Once Glee was over, we ate dinner and watched The Boondock Saints, which I had never seen before. Willem Defoe is one ugly dude – yikes. I liked the movie all right… my favorite part was when Defoe was like, “There was a firefight!“. Funny stuff.

After the flick we went to our respective rooms. I ended up finishing the book I had been reading for the past few days – Nicholas Spark’s “Dear John”. I didn’t see the movie, but I have read a couple of his other books and seen some of the other movie adaptations… they are all epically cheesy and not super awesomely written. For example, in “Dear John,” I didn’t think Savannah was written that well. Sparks was not able to really capture what a young woman would have said in the sort of situations and conversations he put her in. I get that this was John’s story, but Savannah said some stuff that just would not come out of a young woman’s mouth. I got two autobiographies (Carrie Fisher and Tracy Morgan) and a biography (Gilda Radner) out from the library as well, so I’ll read those books soon… I am assuming they will all be way better than the schlock I just finished.

This morning I woke up to construction outside. Way to go, 7:15 am construction – blah. I had to take the dogs out back instead of letting them roam the front yard b/c of the construction vehicles and people working. Yukon is super scared of all the noises the machines make, so she was extra skittish – poor girl. Moose didn’t care – she is silly.

My brother and I played The Game of Life (I won!) and Yahtzee (I lost!) then watched Monster’s Inc. while we waited for Dad to get home from work. We all had lunch then went fishing at a nearby lake (that’s probably redundant… there’s a bajillion lakes here in MN, so of course there is one nearby…). Dad and Spud caught bass. I didn’t catch anything, but I totally had some good nibbles and bites. We fished off a pier for a bit, then we decided to wade down the shoreline. I don’t remember the last time I fished when I was knee-deep in water… probably when I was up in Maine when I was younger. It was fun. I stepped on a stick (right on the arch of my right foot) and it hurt pretty bad, but it didn’t break the skin. I also managed to hook my finger once… and it wasn’t even when I was baiting my hook (sorry Mr. Nightcrawler). It didn’t bleed, though, so that was good. Fishing was fun – I think we’re going to go again tomorrow.

When we got back from fishing, I fed the dogs and my dad fired up the grill to cook some ribs. We watched Zombieland and laughed our asses off (I hadn’t seen it before – I loved it!). I love Jesse Eisenberg – ever since The Squid and the Whale πŸ™‚ He and Michael Cera need to play brothers in a movie – that would be awesome.

When the movie was done, we went back out to the deck and made s’mores. We had both dogs out on the deck and the weather was nice – good times. After s’mores, Spud and I chipped some golf balls on the front lawn. That was super lame, however, so we opted to go inside and play some Wii sports stuff… not the usual sports pack, but some archery, ping pong, duck hunt, cow racing, some sort of pong-esque game, etc… We were in the mood for another movie, so we started District 9. About 20 minutes in, I got a massive headache, so we put the movie on hold and will finish it sometime tomorrow.

I’m glad my brother is in town for another day… we’ve all been laughing a lot and it’s been great being able to spend some time with multiple members of the family who I don’t get to see very often πŸ™‚

My mom and my sister are in Arizona now. They had a bunch of car problems in LA and didn’t get to see any of the city at all. I felt bad for my sister, but her car needed to get fixed. Plus, she’s really sick – we all think she has bronchitis. However, she won’t go to a doctor or anything, so she keeps coughing something awful. That girl is crazy.

I didn’t get to watch any Wimbledon today, but I hope to catch some tomorrow and Sunday.

Have a great holiday weekend πŸ™‚

Oh Lady Gaga, how I love you and your ridonkulously catchy songs. She’s on my iTunes right now and I am loving it!

Well, I wouldn’t say today was super productive, but I did get two more articles read and two more pages of notes typed (the articles were each 20-30+ pages and probably the two most important articles I’ve read thus far… plus I think I might be able to contact the author from one of them, as she has done research along the lines of what I am looking for and I found her on Facebook and a college website… woot!). So I guess I was productive. Yay me πŸ™‚

Let’s see…

Yesterday after I updated this blog, I did go outside and water the plants. I had my iPod with me, so I rocked out to some Glee, which made watering plants waaaaaaaay more fun than it should have been. Yay Glee.

I fed my dogs, let them outside and then finished making dinner… got the lettuce from the porch, made guac, chopped tomatoes and then watched rice boil. Luckily while I was watching said rice reach boiling point, Robin called! We commiserated about our respective theses and traded stories from our respective places of residence. She was on her way to a get-together to say Auf Wiedersehen to one of our (German) classmates who was leaving our little college town for Chicago and other more fun places. I knew about the gathering because of Facebook and was super jealous that some of my friends from school were all going to be in one place at one time hanging out with each other. I was super envious…

We said goodbye and I finished making dinner – perfect timing b/c my dad got home from work right then. We enjoyed chicken nachos, though he could tell I was in a foul mood… probably because I was being extra ornery. I couldn’t help it!

Later my dad did a loop of the yard (I suspect to make sure I watered everything enough – I had). His phone rang and it was my mom! I talked to her briefly, but then my phone began to ring – it was Robin again! I hung up from my mom and got an earful of loud bar when I picked up my own phone πŸ™‚ Oh, school friends.

Robin said hi and then was nice enough to pass her phone around so I could talk to a couple friends and a professor from school. It’s a bit ridiculous how nice it was just to hear familiar voices on the other end of the line (well, air waves… it’s a cell phone, I guess there are no wires). And even though I couldn’t understand what one of the guys was saying (though this was par for course), the phone call made me smile and cheered me up for the rest of the evening πŸ™‚

I called my mom back and both my dad and I got to talk to her. She and my sister are having a lot of fun (though today they had a lot of car problems… and needed new tires and some other procedures done, resulting in a $1000 bill – yikes!). Later that night, my dad and I watched the Best of Dan Ackroyd SNL on Netflix… too funny. The Czech brothers and Fred Garvin: Male Prostitute make me laugh every time! Soooo good!

This morning my dad didn’t have to go into work because he had a late meeting this afternoon about an hour away. So, we watched some Wimbledon and I tried to get some thesis work done, but Moose was just not allowing that to happen. I tried to get her to bring her tennis balls to my dad so I could type in peace, but no luck. Even as I am typing this, she is circling me and dropping wet tennis balls at my feet. Ugh.

I watched Murray defeat Tsonga to advance to the semi-finals (my favorite, Federer is out, sad to say 😦 ) as I finished my lunch. I got back on my computer and started reading this ginormous article about Hegemonic Masculinity… yikes.

Since I get easily distracted, I checked my email and EW.com while I was “working” and saw that Party Down was officially cancelled – sadness! I had a feeling this was going to happen, though… the ratings were way low and there was no way the show would have been tolerable without Adam Scott. (Henry!)

Because this was obviously important news for other Party Down fans, I texted my friend Matt about the cancellation. He seemed to know this was coming too and has already found a replacement show – Louie. I don’t have cable at my house here in MN, so I could not watch it last night, but I heard great things about the show. Good for you, Louis C.K.

We talked about our levels of productiveness on our respective projects (me = thesis proposal, him = a bajillion writing projects) and started hatching plans to marry rich people so I can buy time to figure out what career path I want to take and so he can finance the projects that he wants to launch.

Tangent – Although this would solve some of my problems, I don’t think I would ever actually do something like this. And I am not judging people who do do stuff like this… to each his/her own. I just have this old-fashioned idea that you get married to the person you love and who loves you. If they have money, that’s like an added bonus. But I’m a supported of marrying for love. (I’m also a supporter of gay marriage, for the record… it’s not like the heterosexual couples have done an awesome job holding up the sanctity of marriage with our divorce rate and all the infidelity you see on the news and whatnot… plus the whole thing with some priests being pedophiles… equally not cool.) End tangent.

So yeah… I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up. I would like to watch films, television shows and/or Broadway shows for a living and write about them. But that’s not a job you just start with… so I have to figure out what I can do until then. Blah.

What else, what else?

We got G.I Joe: Rise of Cobra in the mail today (Netflix – woot). Too bad Joseph Gordon-Levitt is behind a mask the whole time, as I love him…

Tomorrow we might go fishing. That is still up in the air. As I was typing, my brother called to tell me he’s going to try to leave earlier tomorrow than he thought, so he might get here waaaaaay before his original ETA of 1:00 am, which would be great. I’ll still need to clean the bathroom that he and I share on the bottom floor of the house and I need to make sure there are pillows and bedding stuff in the middle room for him (I totally take after my mom…). I can’t wait to see my brother and spend the holiday weekend w/him and my dad πŸ™‚

Have a great Wednesday night!