Before I spout on with my opinions of the Golden Globes, I will quickly recap my day…

I didn’t sleep much, then got up at 7:30 and had some oatmeal and watched Party Down before I went to work. I worked from 9:35-4:30. I helped a couple for 1-2 hours to pick out luggage. After I rung them up, I went on my break… when I got back from my break, my colleague told me that not two minutes after I left, they returned the luggage. What the what?! Oh well.

The drive home was pretty crappy… always in our neighborhood. The roads are never awesome around here, which sucks because it makes the last 5 minutes of the ride horrendous. It’s like, I’m so close to home, but I have the biggest chance of getting into an accident. Bah!

I just got done watching HIMYM. And once again, the tears were welling up like whoa. Jason Segel just makes me want to cry, and I mean that in the best way possible. As an audience member, you really feel for Marshall. Sad Jason Segel, I love you.

Now I’m waiting for Castle to start. My mom and I friggin’ love that show. I have 40 minutes yet, so I have plenty of time to type up my thoughts about last night’s Golden Globes awards.

So, Ricky Gervais was pretty rude, eh?

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love Ricky Gervais and I usually dig his mean humor. But it seemed like he was being extra cruel last night. And not even funny cruel… just cruel. (Well, he was trying to be funny, but he kinda wasn’t.) I loved The Office, Extras, and Gervais’s standup. I get British humour. (yeah, I just “ou”-ed you there) And I’m a fairly mean person at times, but even I thought he went a bit over the top. I don’t even like Charlie Sheen or Tom Cruise, but I even felt a bit bad for them getting picked on when they weren’t even there.

As for the actual awards portion of the show, nothing was really super shocking. I was super thrilled that Christian Bale won Best Supporting Actor. He was AMAZING in The Fighter. I mean, he’s amazing in everything he’s in, but I’m glad that he finally got recognized for his superb acting skills. I thought it was really great that he gave Mark Wahlberg a shout-out for how Wahlberg’s performance as the straight-man/anchor allowed Bale’s performance to be able to be that big. They were great foils. And if Wahlberg wasn’t up against Firth, he might have had a shot. I was also glad that The Fighter won for Best Supporting Actress. Melissa Leo was great as Alice. She deserved recognition.

Colin Firth, like Bale, was a shoo-in for an award last night. His performance in The King’s Speech wasn’t showy, but it stood out for the epic humiliation vulnerability, frustration, and ultimate triumph that King George VI achieved. Natalie Portman winning Best Actress Drama was another sure thing. She is another actor who always turns in a solid performance. The combination of the difficulty of the dance and the psychological journey she took her character and audience through warranted her winning the award. I predict she’ll win the OScar for Best Actress.

In the comedy acting categories, I was not surprised about Annette Bening’s win. Though Julianne Moore was equally great in The Kids Are All Right, Bening’s performance stood out a bit more because it stood out less. It’s kinda the opposite of the Bale/Wahlberg pairing. Instead of Moore’s more open and carefree character, Bening’s character had her emotions more reeled in. She wasn’t a victim, but definitely the more adult/mature character between the two of them. Bening’s reserved performance shined because she was overshadowed. If that makes any sense…

As for Paul Giamatti. Well, good for him. I like him a lot. To be honest, I know nothing about the movie he won for. I voted for Johnny Depp in Alice in Wonderland (my sister and I do our own predictions each year for the past 9 years… I got 16 right this year whereas she got 13. I always win. 🙂 ).

My sister and I both voted for The Kids Are All Right to take Best Picture – Musical or Comedy. Of the films nominated, it was the only one with any real sense of prestige or critical acclaim. Though we both voted for The King’s Speech to take Best Picture – Drama, I wasn’t surprised at all that The Social Network took home the award. I really liked The Social Network. It is one of the only quality/critically acclaimed movies that really defines my generation. The script was so smart (Aaron Sorkin is so money) and the ensemble was so great (and completely age-appropriate for my generation as well). There weren’t any explosions (except for verbal ones). There weren’t any aliens. There weren’t any guns. There was just rapid-fast dialogue, relatable conflicts, and Facebook. My generation to a friggin’ T. I expect The Social Network to win Best Picture at the Academy Awards. (I was also not surprised by The Social Network‘s script, director and score to win last night. All were deserving, even if I liked Inception‘s score better. Hans Zimmer 4EVER!)

As for television… yay Glee!

I was beyond thrilled that Chris Colfer won Best Supporting Actor. I voted for him, so I was happy about that, but I was more happy for him. Colfer is a talented, young actor whose presence on television the past year and a half has been nothing short of a blessing. Colfer’s Kurt Hummel is a much-needed character on primetime television. I have a feeling it was this season’s plot about bullying that really launched Colfer into the hearts and minds of HFPA voters. Seeing Kurt being shoved into lockers and fielding death threats from a bully, then dealing with these issues (and then some) with poise, honesty, and dignity is pretty special. It helps that Colfer is very likable in interviews and seems to be taking his newfound fame really well. Also, yay for Jane Lynch as Supporting Actress (even though I voted for Kelly Macdonald). (btw – how often are two openly gay actors winners of awards on the same night? Someone could probably do a study about that…) And yay for Glee winning Best Musical or Comedy (even though 30 Rock is still my favorite show ever and Modern Family was equally deserving of recognition too) 🙂 Best part about Glee winning awards was that we the audience got several glimpses of Darren Criss in his tux and bow tie (so cute!).

I was not surprised that Boardwalk Empire won a couple awards. I haven’t seen the show, but I have heard good things about it. Yay for Jim Parsons winning Best Actor in a Musical or Comedy. I have only seen a few episodes of The Big Bang Theory, but he’s just so darn likable 🙂 And his acceptance speeches are always good (see also last year’s Emmys). I haven’t seen any of the Mini Series or Motion Pictures Made for Television, though Temple Grandin is in my Netflix queue.

Even though the show was fairly predictable (no big stunners or upsets), I still like watching the Golden Globes. It’s the best of television and film – two media that I love like whoa. I am very much looking forward to the Oscars. James Franco and Anne Hathaway will likely be more entertaining than Ricky Gervais was. Fingers crossed, at least.

Well, off to bed I go… okay, that’s a lie. First read some blogs. Than read some more of Gilda Radner’s autobiography, “It’s Always Something”. Then sleep. Tomorrow I’ll run errands with my mom, work on my thesis stuff (still haven’t heard back from my prof since the last time I emailed him a week or so ago, though I haven’t checked that email account in a day, so who knows), and watch the Glee rerun. I think it’s the “Never Been Kissed” episode. And you know what that means… Darren Criss singing “Teenage Dream” 🙂 Woot.

I’m tired. Away I go…

Have a good one

Wow, the Golden Globes were disappointing. I will post a longer, and more in-depth reaction tomorrow night. However, a big cheers for Chris Colfer, Jane Lynch and Glee on their wins tonight. Especially Chris Colfer… Kurt has quickly become one of my favorite characters on Glee and it’s all because of Colfer.

Besides the Golden Globes, all I did was sit around and watch movies today. It was fabulous. I re-watched Sweeney Todd and The Big Lewbowski. Nice 🙂

Work all day tomorrow – boo

Have a good one!


I went to the library today, then worked out, then FINISHED CODING (!), then watched some Bones and The Ghost Writer (no, not the awesome show from the ’90s, but the Roman Polanski movie). Now I’m making my Golden Globes chart, then will watch SNL and go to sleep. Woot.

I may/may not post tomorrow (Golden Globes-watching is my priority, sorry). But I will for sure let you know my Golden Globes reactions on Monday!!!

Have a good one