October 2011

… but there is no snow. Not yet, anyway. I half expected there to be snow on the ground when I got back from Kansas today, but alas. No snow.

It is super cold (or maybe it just feels that way to me because I think I’m coming down with something…), so my mom made a fuego. It is delightful. I’m sitting a few feet away from it as I’m typing this to keep my hands warm.

My dad is singing Christmas carols. No me gusta. I threw two tennis balls at him and asked him to stop at least until tomorrow. Let Halloween happen, man. Jesus.

We haven’t had any Trick or Treaters at the house yet. I’m not surprised. Where we used to live in Ohio, we had tons of kids come by… not so much here in MN. On a whole, Ohio was way more sociable/neighbor-friendly than here.

So, I was away at my sister’s place for the past few days. It was nice to see her and her fiance, as I hadn’t seen them since I visited in July for HP7 Part 2 and the NKOTBSB concert (omg, best concert ever… besides the Darren Criss one at Market Days in August πŸ˜‰ ).

We didn’t do too much this weekend. Friday night we hung around and watched Game 7 of the World Series. Holy hell, what an end to the series. Game 6 was AMAZING. I was legit yelling at my television for those last 4 innings. I had all but given up on the Cardinals and they F-in’ PULLED IT OUT, man. Game 6 was the most intense thing ever… and then when they won Game 7. I was cheering like an idiot. And I’m not even a Cardinals fan! I just picked them to win before the Series started and was rooting for them for the seven games. Plus, that was just some awesome baseball – a lot of drama. A lot of walks. A lot of home runs. A lot of solid plays. A lot of not so solid plays. Very, very entertaining television.

On Saturday, I went with my sister to her job (she’s an Assistant Band Director for a college and that school’s marching band had a homecoming parade and a home football game to play for). So, I met some of her students and spent some time with the band. Since it was Halloween weekend, the band kids were allowed to dress up in costumes for the football game. Their halftime show was really great – they played Ghostbusters, The Time Warp and Thriller. And everyone did the Thriller dance! It was very entertaining.

Saturday afternoon my sister had to work at some other band function for the school she goes to, so I went to her apartment and took notes on a movie I have to watch for my part-time job. I was tired, but was proud of myself for being able to focus enough to get a whole movie watched/noted (I’ll start typing up my commentary for that when I’m done typing this up).

Sunday we just hung around mostly because my sister was way tired. So, we watched Casper, ran a couple errands, and then had a Party Down marathon. My sister and I both love Adam Scott, and she hadn’t seen any episodes of Party Down before. I think we watched 16 or 18 episodes this weekend… Henry Pollard is one of my favorite tv characters ever.

We carved pumpkins last night. I took a picture of our finished products, but haven’t uploaded them onto my computer yet. Perhaps I’ll post a pic in the next week or so.

So, it’s Halloween today. I haven’t dressed up for Halloween in a couple years (and I went as Rachel Berry in her “Don’t Stop Believin'” outfit from the Glee pilot… because at that point, only 2 or 3 episodes of Glee had ever aired. Yep… I was a gLeek from the very beginning.). I liked dressing up when I was little to do the whole Trick or Treating thing, but wasn’t really super into it as I hit college age and older. *shrug*

Well… I should get to work on my actually job. I have off from work tomorrow, so I’ll watch another movie for my part time thing. I wish I could just do the movie writing thing as my for real job – maybe one day!

Have a good one

Well, just a quick post to say there won’t be an awesome post. I’m watching the ball game (it’s all sorts of frustrating right now as a Cardinals fan) and I should be finishing packing and whatnot since I leave tomorrow to visit my sister.

Have a good one

I am the first to admit that I am a film purist/snob and was very skeptical when I heard they were remaking Footloose.

I stand (well, sit on my couch) corrected.

The 2011 Footloose was AWESOME.

I was never the biggest fan of the original, but I liked it and its soundtrack. However, I’m all sorts of in love with this remake. The soundtrack was similarly glorious (although I’ll take Kenny Loggins version of “Footloose” over Blake Shelton’s version any day of the week). But this version’s dancing was AMAZING.

It helps that Kenny Wormald is an amazing dancer.

I’m beyond grateful he was cast as Ren after Zac Efron and Chace Crawford were linked to the lead role years ago. Wormald is relatively unknown (or, *was* relatively unknown) to the masses and I think that helped for the audience to see him as Ren without any of his other roles/performances getting in the way.

The dancing in the movie was so money. There was a perfect blend of country/western line dancing and hip-hop influenced dance moves. There were sequences that were identical or at least dangerously similar to the original film, which I really appreciated. I was chatting with a friend earlier and I commented how I thought this film paid respectful homage to the original instead of just being another “oh let’s sex and crunk this up for the youth of 2011”. I loved how it opened with the original “Footloose” and I loved how it ended with the maroon suit jacket and the dance moves we all know and love by this point.

And speaking of dancing… Kenny Wormald. sdkjlfhq;wleirhwqrhfsalkdjfhasfh That boy can get it. DAMN

I was not only impressed by his dancing, but his acting. I mean, it wasn’t an Oscar-worthy performance or anything, but for this being his first lead role in a movie – damn. The kid is talented. Besides being super expressive with his body/dance moves, Wormald has super expressive eyes. (I’m a big proponent of paying specific attention to an actor’s eyes during a performance.) I half-jokingly said to my friend that Wormald’s eyes are so expressive that they are like windows into his soul. As cheesetastic as that sounds, I’m actually super serious. Between his eyes and the way he’d clench his jaw… you just knew what he was thinking/feeling. Gah… I need to see this again. Maybe I’ll convince my sister to go see it this weekend when I visit her.

Well… I’m sure I could gush more about Wormald, but Happy Endings is on and it’s a Halloween episode. Woot

Have a good one

I woke up with the worst tension headache I’ve had since high school this morning. I don’t know why I have such a bad headache – I’m sure stress has something to do with it. Who knows, though? But my head hurts and I am beyond grateful that I don’t have work for a week.

Work was weird today.

Everyone was just in a mood. No one was really in the right frame of mind. Work was super slow, but there was double and triple coverage in all the work areas on my floor. I must have walked around in circles and dusted the same things over and over and over again.

At least a display didn’t fall on me…

… yeah, one of our displays totally fell on one of my colleagues today. I felt so bad for her because no one deserves for that to happen, especially her! The worst part is, is that I bet my workplace won’t do anything about it. She got a bump on her head, plus displays shouldn’t fall onto people, but I am fairly sure she won’t get any sort of worker’s comp for it.


You want to see something cool, though?

So, I have this amazing group of friends who are amazingly creative in their own right.

Well, last night, we were chatting about some stuff on the Facebook when Allie had a great idea about doing a drawing of the Evolution of Darren Criss.

So, Maya (known as Lily Crystal) did an ink drawing of Allie’s idea and it started off as THIS.

Then, Nicole colored it in and the final result is AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL.

I am in awe of the work that my friends literally did overnight. It’s spread like wildfire through the DCST today and hopefully we’ll get to see this on something tangible soon πŸ™‚

I ❀ you ladies and your amazing creative abilities.

Well… I'm gonna watch some Dancing Show results

Have a good one

I just got home from work and I have to be up in 10 hours to go back in, so I’m gonna go read and sleep.

The Cardinals just lost Game 5, so I’m not in much of a mood to type anyway

Have a good one

Did you watch Game 3 last night?!?!?!?! It was CRAZY. Pujols hit 3 home runs in one game. He’s only the 3rd person to do that in WS history… First Babe Ruth, then Reggie Jackson, and now Albert Pujols. It was like WHAT?!?!?!?!?! It was a super high scoring game too… like, little league teams in my area didn’t even have that kind of high scoring games.

So, I”m sitting here next to my Moose watching Game 4. It’s the Top of the 5th and the Ranger are leading 1-0. (Okay, now it’s the bottom of the 5th… the Cardinals just got their 3rd out as I’m typing this.)

I’m still rooting for the Cardinals. Once I pick a team, I am in it for the long haul. So, let’s go Cardinals.

TOday was mostly uneventful. This morning I watched a couple episodes of Sports Night before I went into work this afternoon. I worked all afternoon. There were so many of us there, it was a bit ridiculous. Usually we are super understaffed, but there were totally 4 of us there and it wasn’t even super busy today! I just don’t understand how they figure out the schedule.

I work tomorrow and Tuesday but then have a week off. I cannot wait! I’m gonna get some errands done. Hopefully get my next movie writing assignment and get that done. Maybe I’ll go to the movies w/my mom. I need to clean my bathroom because my brother and his gf are coming to visit (though I will miss them as I’ll be visiting my sister and her fiance… Yes, I realize I am the spinster sister in this situation. Please don’t remind me…).

I just can’t wait to get out of town for a few days!!! And then next month I’m going to visit a friend for her senior vocal recital. And then in January, I’ll be going to NYC with a group of friends for some BROADWAY EPICNESS!!!! I LOVE TRAVELING, OKAY?!

Well… I’m gonna get back to the game. I’ll probably move from the living room to my room soon so I can drift off to sleep at my leisure. (I am so tired, it’s distracting at this point.)

Have a good one

So, my day started freakishly early for a Saturday. I had to be at work for around 8:30, so my alarm was set for 6:30. I’m not a morning person, so I need a bit of time when I wake up to fully function properly. I don’t like to talk to anyone when I wake up. I don’t like being in bright lights. I don’t like lifting my feet off the floor. I shuffle around and grunt answers to any questions I am asked.

I worked until 3:15ish and was super happy to drive straight home as soon as my shift was over. I was super busy most of the day, which was nice because it makes time go by faster. I was able to help a lot of (nice) people today, so that was a good feeling.

(Oh man, I am yawning so much right now. Yikes. Thank goodness I can sleep in tomorrow.)

After work, I got home and had an orange. (Exciting, right?) I watched an episode of Sports Night and then watched some college football with my parents. Right now we’re watching the pre-game for Game 3 of the World Series. They are announcing the starting lineups and then someone will sing the anthem.

… And apparently that “someone” is Ronnie Dunn. This is the third country male country singer to sing the anthem this week. And there have only been three games. So, you do the math… Where are the ladies? Where are the non-country singers?

I’m still rooting for the Cardinals, even though they let me down the other night. (That 9th inning was stressful, man.)

I have to work the next few days, but then I get a week off. I can’t wait to go see my sister. Also, road trip means I need new mix CDs. So, I will be working on those during tonight’s game. I definitely need another Broadway mix because I forgot Spamalot and She Loves Me on my last 10… plus, I could do with some more Sweeney Todd and Book of Mormon in the mix as well. And the new H2$ (although, I can’t listen to any music from that show without breaking into the biggest grin ever and exclaiming to no one in particular that in a couple months, I’ll be seeing Darren Criss in his Broadway debut. NBD or anything… πŸ™‚ ).

Well… the game is about to start, so I’m gonna get my World Series on.

Have a good one

Yes, this will be quick, as my life has been anything but exciting as of late.

Today I finished up my latest movie writing assignment and sent it in.

The only excitement was a one-sided row with the Student Loans people. I had to send them a stern email since no one would pick up at their phone number. Their records show that I missed my payment last month when my bank account would argue the contrary. So, I hope that gets fixed :/

I found my quotes notebook from undergrad while I was straightening up my room today. I was looking for something I had autographed for my sister to bring her when I see her next week and came across my notebook. I flipped through it and found some scenes I had written for potential grad school applications from back in the day when I was going to go to grad school for film. (Which, I totally still want to do one of these days…) I typed up one of the scenes in Final Draft just to see if I still had it in me… not too shabby. I laughed, though, because the scene I typed up was based on a conversation I had with one of my classmates one day before class and I can totally still remember it actually taking place. πŸ™‚ Good times…

Well… I am off to read for a hot minute and then I’m going to try to sleep. I understand it’s 8:30 pm as I’m typing this, but I have to be up by 6:30, so I’m trying to get some rest because I know I won’t actually be able to fall asleep since I’ll be worried the whole night that my alarm won’t go off. (I’m paranoid, I know.)

I work the next four days, but then I have a week off – woot!

Have a good one

I totally got sucked into the Cardinals/Rangers game (I love the World Series, okay?), so by time it ended and I was about to type this up, I was in a crabby mood because the Cardinals lost. (They had the lead up until the Top of the 9th….. COME ON!)

So, super short post, as I need to get to sleep πŸ™‚

I did laundry today and watched Chasing Amy for a writing project. That’s about it… besides make pancakes and watch baseball.

More of the same tomorrow… minus the baseball b/c it’s not on. But, I’ll need to do more laundry and finish up my movie writing project.

Have a good one

OMG, I slept in until 9:15 this morning and it was glorious. I needed it, man. I don’t sleep well often, so I really was thankful that I was able to get a full night’s sleep.

I worked this afternoon. It was super slow, which I was very much expecting. Some of my favorite colleagues were working, though, so all was well πŸ™‚

When I got home, my mom made us chocolate chip and walnut pancakes. This is our go-to dinner when my dad’s not home. Right now we’re watching Survivor (but I’m flipping to the World Series at the commercials), and then we’ll watch Modern Family and Happy Endings (and some more World Series).

I love that the World Series is on now. Baseball is my favorite πŸ™‚ I don’t really favor the Cardinals or the Rangers, but I’m gonna root for the Cardinals since I’ve actually seen them play before.

Well… sorry this has been an obscenely short post, but I just don’t have much to write right now. I have a couple days off, and I’ll need to use part of that time doing laundry and working on my movie writing project. I hope to get that done tomorrow so perhaps I can go see a movie on Friday πŸ™‚

Have a good one!

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